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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Window into old time Paris!!

As I am supposedly getting ready to move... I am decorating and preparing my new home...(all in my head I am... *smile)

I have a set of 4 windows we had pulled out of the kitchen here, when we remodeled and I held on to them but never really did anything with them. Until now!!

I finally set to work and finished the first window. I turned this one into a frame shelf.

I proudly announce that I used a MITER SAW for the first time to work on the shelf. 

I'll take a bow... haha!!

Well here is my Old world Paris window shelf

It works perfectly with my latest treasure find, the vintage Underwood typewriter.
It even has the ribbon still in it. I love it. 

The typewriter reminds me of Moulin Rouge... Christian, up in his hotel room in Montemartre, Paris typing away the story
about Truth, Beauty, Freedom and above all...LOVE

So you see... Now the window shelf and my Underwood typewriter make a perfect fit... 
Moulin Rouge, Paris and the young Can Can dancer...
The elephant....

 I am not hanging this shelf until I get to my new home and I cannot wait to play with a vignette including these.

Thank you for stopping by, until next time...

Hugs To All