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Monday, September 17, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity jig....

Been back from Europe about a month now, though it seems like we have only been back a couple of weeks since I have been extremely busy and crazy in many ways. 

Plans of moving dwindled fast until I decided "enough..." I cannot do this at this time and I need to make peace with the idea that I am going to be here for a little while longer. Then I started to look at the positive side of the situation. I actually love this house... I have made friends in town... and its a great town to raise my three kids as well.

I also had packed the house before our travels to Europe. So now while it was all packed up, I could do some changes and turn some things around. I started by getting rid of tons of knick knacks and clutter that had accumulated in the last 7 years I have lived in this house. I had a vision of what I wanted my home to look like, and if the item didn't fit the vision... It was a gonner. Had a big yardsale and the rest was donated.

While the house sat almost bare since everything else I kept was packed and stored... I started painting. Painted two rooms, the living room and dining room. My plan was to switch what used to be my studio into a dining room and dining room into a studio. So now my studio is in the front room. Slightly bigger, more lit and warmer in the winter. I do spend a lot of time in this room. Dining room is a little smaller, still fits the purpose of dining very well and we do not spend as much time in it except to eat. And not often either. We have an eat in kitchen too and we eat there most of the time.

While this is all a work in progress, I can still share a few pictures of what I have been up to.

The Tunisian traditional cage is a gift from my Dad. It came back with me from Malta... I love the swirls in the wire of the cage. Love the whole piece. Chair is a thrift find. Its a Swedish Gustavian style and its also a favorite piece.

While thinking of what I would like to use for pillow covers... I remembered I had some pieces from my hope chest. Yes, my mom had a hope chest for me and it did make it to the US with me when I moved here. (errmmm, had to leave the electric kettle and toaster behind because of electricity voltage... haha!!)
So here are some cotton tea towels that I think would work great as pillow covers. They are on my To-do list. 

I am trying to keep it simple

But then I added this window to the mantle, with old family pictures. 

Some furniture pieces I had were not exactly fitting my taste but had potential. Like this curio cabinet I had for a long time. It had a dark finish to it and the back of it was a mirror. I painted it in Egg Shell White and shabbied it a little with a wet sander. I covered the mirror with vintage wall paper from my stash then added chicken wire to the doors behind the glass. And VOILA... got all the country cottage charm worked onto it. 

And here are some accomplishments in my studio so far...

Two matching new (to me) units are great for storage, with lots of shelving and drawers and a desk space too.  

My garden urn for wall paper stash.

A vignette for inspiration

And the materials that are dominating my style and creativity... Cotton, muslin, burlap and twine...

So... What do you think so far? 

I am still working at it. Living room and studio are getting there but dining room is still far from ready. I will need to paint the room and some pieces of furniture. I am also, on the hunt for some vintage dining chairs among other things. All will be ready in due time. I have to sit and concentrate on the next issue of Creating Vintage Charm coming out this Fall. A super gorgeous issue filled with so many talented women and loaded with inspiration. 

Cover photo and art by Alice Wingerden

So until next time... 

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Hugs To All