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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fairy tales and sugar plums, make way!!

Warning: This is going to be an extremely loooooong post.

Seeing that I have been slacking for sometime now. Geez, where do I start...

Once Upon A Dream
in Asheville, NC

I have yet to share with you pictures from the event. Pardon me everyone for the tardiness. But its never too late to share some beauty. The event itself was magical, lights sparkled everywhere, glitters sprinkled as far as the eye can see and hues of whites and laces everywhere captured a true prairie dream. Jennifer Hayslip did such an awesome job. I must have taken about 500 photos through the weekend. Boy, where would I fit all those? Well, enough chit chat... here are my favorite photos.

 Chapter I, Thursday night, welcome and vendor night

 Creation by Nancy Reffle

 Creation by Karen Ricucci Hillman

By Karen Ricucci Hillman

 Natasha Burns and her lovely goodies

 Sweet Francie from A Scented Cottage

 Sparkle and glimmer every where!

Driving to Caxton farms for second day of the event, Chapter II

 Love this photo of Natasha and Tiffany in the distance. 

 True fairy tale charm

 Sign by Karla Nathan

 Breath taking scenery

Sparkle and shimmer on every table 

Table setting, each one with a whimsical tree in the center and tiny mushrooms. 

 The most gorgeous mantle

 Even Laduree had a tiny play in the picture.

 Paper mache mushrooms created by Karla Nathan

Oh, and there is me... =)
Photo By Natasha Burns 

Me and Natasha. Long time friends, finally got to meet her.
Photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon 

The third day was a tour at the Biltmore estate, home of the Vanderbilt's in Ashville, NC. I have already uploaded images online of the tour. Photos of the exterior only since no photos are allowed inside. You can see those photos HERE . The tour to the estate added to the fairy tale charm. What a beautiful place.

The event is also featured in my Winter issue of Creating Vintage Charm magazine including a tutorial the this beautiful mobile that was also a project we worked on in one of the workshops. 

Once Upon My Return
I got to work in my studio. I had taken a trip to Charlotte to do a photo-shoot of a friends artwork and installments in a boutique. Once I was done I figured I explore the city and there on a curb I saw a table loaded with books for free. I screeched the wheels (No I didn't... I am a very careful driver.... HA!!)
Anyway, I went to check this out and found a few very old hardback books I could use.

I have enjoyed altering books with mixed media in the past and figured I should do something I enjoy. So here is my latest pieces.

 First is my Once Upon A Time
The enchanting castle

I meant for this book to be a picture frame, but when I added the picture of the castle, it just fit perfect. I glued pages together except for one section where the castle is. I had so much fun creating this!!!

I have to explain how I do like that raggedy, worn look. I don't seam fabrics, I just rip fabric and let it fray. I     tea dye paper to give it more natural warm tone and old timey look. I also use antique gold paint for richness in colors.

Then it was Christmas and I was dreaming of Sugar Plum fairies and Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker so hence the reason and theme of the next piece.

The Nutcracker's Dance of the sugar plum fairy

The whole time I worked on this I kept hearing the chime in the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies

Both books are already sold. The latest book I worked on is a journal in Rococo theme. Go figure!! I love rococo era art I just had to do this one.

The Swing by Fragonard

Well, this is probably a recap of Fall and Christmas together. I also took a trip to New York City with my oldest son. We had a blast. It was my son's first visit to the big city, while I haven't been there since 2000. I especially enjoy visiting around holiday time, looking at the pretty window shops and all the Christmas decor. You can see pictures HERE

Oh Yes!! I had to go to Laduree's. How could I not? Their macarons are sinfully delicious.

I think I took you all over with this extreme long post but I needed to catch you up. May as well spill it all out while I'm at it. I stay busy with the magazine and I also have to mention that within the next two months I will be moving with my 3 kids to another state. So my studio will be getting packed up, as the rest of my house as well. 

Until next time, 

Hugs To All


Sandy Bryan said...

What a great post. I feel like I got so much of who you are in just one sitting!!! What a fairy tale your event was....it was worth the wait! Best - Sandy, The Olive and Rose...

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

That was so beautiful it was worth the wait!You are officially caught up. I will reread this over and over for the sheer delight of the images you captured!