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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breakfast IN Tiffany's ;)

It's just a play with words...

I meant you are going to have your champagne and macaroons breakfast in my Tiffany's slippers 

This week I bid farewell to my Music of the Night inspired slipper as it is now on the way to Arizona. I had many ask if the shoe was a pair and if it could be worn. Well, it wasn't. It was only meant as a display piece. But I had imagined how wonderful it would be to create a PAIR orf slippers that could actually be worn and enjoyed!! Maybe even shown off!! ;)

I hunted for a nice pair of slippers to decorate and I found these polka dot slippers.... perfect!!

I wanted to add enough to them to transform them into chic and sassy, while at the same time take in consideration comfort and durability.

So I sewed everything on by hand with Golden thread!!

The sole is left intact! Since... these are meant to be worn, they need to be comfortable.

And awhhhh!! Feathers!!... I just have to add feathers!! For me that feathery flow adds to the whimsy and elegance so I tend to add feathers to most of my creations

So if you are lucky and wear a size 6... You could be wearing these fancy, sassy and chic slippers to your next cocktail party. 

Now Listed in my Etsy

I have to say, I am enjoying getting creative with shoes. This comes from a gal who's always in sandals or chucks or what nots... But I dream.... I love fashion and beautiful shoes... I always tend to go to casual but every once in a while, we would love to be in that ball or champagne party... wearing shiny rhinestones or beautiful pearls.  

Hugs To All


Suzann said...

Love those slippers....and I am a size 6!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Suzann ~xoxo~

debi said...

Ooh la la! Sonia, your slippers are beautiful. How fun it would be, to be a size 6 and wear those beauties!

Cindy said...

Oh, too small for me ~ but it is gorgeous!