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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Music Of The Night!!

Hey, you remember me??.....Do You??....

It has been a while yes. Its a shame, really!! If you haven't followed me and my magazines, then when it comes to artwork, you haven't missed much. I was afraid even, that I have lost my creativity somewhere. My studio has been sitting there untouched and got replaced by a computer screen. Ughh!! Not good!! I love working on the magazine but I need to start putting it aside at least for a day to let my creative juices flow too.

So once again, I let the phantom and his music take me away...

I created a shoe, for a night at the opera... and perhaps a masquerade ball after wards!!

I have to mention too, I had bought a nice and nifty camera a few months back. Its "new" to me, cos I bought it from a pawn shop. Don't you just love ebay?? I do!

So since, I have also taken to photography. I LOVE it and enjoy it very much. And unlike everything else that I get into, that ends up building pressure and putting a lid on my creativity. I am leaving photography, as a hobby right now.

I have been sharing my photos, like these above on another blog. It is my OTHER blog and so I named it Sonia's Other Blog. Clever name huh?? Yea!! I really wasn't trying and geez, what could I call it and I wasn't in a brainstorm mood I guess. =) But thats ok. You can visit and follow if you like...

Hugs To All


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'd say you definitely have your groove back!! I love that shoe! Some times a break from crafting is good!


debi said...

What beautiful creations Sonia! I love the white!

You haven't lost your touch at all!

Olivia said...

Well don't hang up your creating hat...these treasures are FABULOUS!!!

Melanie said...

Dear Sonia,

Your blog is just AMAZING. I found it by chance, looking around some ideas to celebrate my one year blog-oversary with a virtual 'masquarade ball'.

I would love to be able to use some of your georgious pictures, and would not dream without asking for your permission. I would be honored if you would allow it, and would link and give credit to you.

Please feel free to visit my blog before you decide and let me know.

My best regards,

Cindy said...

I'm blown away by your shoe creations! I'm your newest follower!