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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My version of French Macaroons!!!

I have been drooling over Laduree's pictures of their French macaroons for weeks and weeks now. I have thought about ordering a dozen off the internet but realized, Laduree only takes orders by phone. Hmmm, my French is very Very poor and I doubt that an order by phone is that easy to get across. If I am going to buy macaroons from the internet, I want the real thing!! 

Maybe someday I will make it to Paris and not only devour in Laduree Macaroons, but also get to sit in their oh heavenly decorated tea rooms. 

Enjoy a nice hot cup poured out from their silver teapots and served in fine china. I'll take the paper napkin home with me, thank you very much.

Stare at the beautiful and remarkable design of their Menu. I tend to pay attention to those details a lot for some reason.

And hmmmm, stare at the rest of the place

Doesn't this tearoom remind you of Versailles and Marie Antoinette, surrounded with all that mouth watering goodness!!??

Well, having shown all that, I am afraid I have put whats to come in the lime light!!

But I am proud I managed to domesticate myself enough on Sunday afternoon and concentrate solely on my task and challenge at hand.

I finally decided to make my own Macaroons. I had come across several recipe versions and I finally settled with Martha Stewart's 
Martha has actually made the recipe on the Today show a LOOOONG time ago when Katie Couric was still in the show. The link shows the segment and below is the recipe!! And here is what I made out of it!!

Strawberry, chocolate with strawberry filling and lemon flavored macaroons
I was so stoked  about the results. Only problem I had was grinding my own almonds to make almond flour and it didn't turn out quiet as fine as flour. I cannot find almond flour in local stores anywhere. Holly Abston on facebook suggested I go to Amazon.com for it. I have never bought groceries online before. It didn't even occurred  to me to try that. 

Anyway, hence the not so smooth look of my version. Mind you, the flavor though was Hmm
 Hmm mmmmmmmm!! They were crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, which as I have read, is the way they should be. 

I yielded a lot of them, about 25 I think and there was no way I was going to eat them all by myself so I opened my home for an early tea or coffee on Monday morning and friends came by. They ate and even had take out Macaroons. It was a lot of fun. I love tea ware and have quiet a few pieces so I like to take the occasion and use them every once in a while.

They put a smile on my face for sure and so on everyone who tasted them. 

So now I know what they taste like. Though I still dream of visiting a Laduree Tearoom but at least for now I can have fun perfecting my own. 

Off to get back to work now, Spring issue of Creating Vintage Charm awaits.

Hugs To All


Anonymous said...

they look so YUMMY ♥

I love macarons :D

debi said...

Oh, those Laduree photos just make me swoon!

And your macaroons look wonderful...I'm so impressed! Wish I could have been there for your impromptu tea party.

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

They look great, I to have been wanting to make them for some time but never felt confident enough to try them, maybe oneday.

Home and Heart said...

SCRUMPTIOUS!! I want to "move into" SC's movie version version of Marie. *Sigh*

Shell said...

I dream of going to Laduree too. Ever since I saw it in an Victoria Magazine.
Your Macaroons look fab, Sonia. So great you took the leap and made them.

Elyse said...

nicely done on the macarons!

i believe you will get to paris one day. you have great determination!

happy february ~


aimee said...

your macaroons look delightful! if you have a trader joes in your area they should have almond flour. they do at ours. also you can try health food grocery stores. like henrys, whole foods and clarks. if you have those places in your area. i wish i had one of those macaroons right now. i can just imagine how delish they are.

artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

What a delight... macaroons!
Your blog is very sweet, charming, and oh soooo girly... I love it!
I had a wonderful visit.

Ana Maria said...

Good work Sonia!
I expect go to Paris in the end of this month. I also expect visiting Ladurée and take a tea & macaroons...if you want I buy you some macaroons. I live in Europe but no problem I send you! :):):)
Once again good work they look so yummy!
Have nice day,
Ana Maria