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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just me!! Dammi un Baccio!!

Yeah, there you have it... That's me...
In a dressing room on a Sunday morning playing around with frilly dresses.

I have not shared that many photos of me on my blog. I think these are the silliest photos, but this is just me being myself so why not!!??

I never did buy that dress because it wouldn't zip up all the way (have to loose a couple more inches I guess, wink* ) but I am SOOO regretting it and I am yes, contemplating going back an hour drive to the city to get it!! Yeah...that's me... 

Give me a Kiss, Dammi un Baccio (in Italian)

Growing up, these heavenly kisses were a threat on Christmas!! They come from Italy and are made by Perugina. Perugina in Italy is like Ghirardelli here in US. They have a nocchiatella (hazelnut) and whole hazelnut filling covered in dark European chocolate. You can find them in World Market stores, especially over the holidays or special occasions like Valentine's.

I love Perugina.

Wrapped inside with the chocolate, there is always a sweet sentiment like this one below. Translated in 4 different European languages, Italian, French, German and English.

Some say, 
Love without kisses is a night without stars

I love this one,
When you kiss me, without uttering a word you speak to my soul.


Hugs To All

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

By Order Of The Crown!!

I am pretty sure you have seen this poster lately. The message reading Keep Calm And Carry On has now spread like wildfire in the last 5 years especially after Rachel Ashwell acquired it as a decorative item.

I bought my copy of course recently and as always I get intrigued by history. I love history. It is fascinating I think.I did get a small paper slip with my poster about its history and I also Wiki'ied it and I wanted to share what I learned.

By The Order Of The Crown

In The spring of 1939, during the beginning of World War II, The Ministry of Information in Great Britain commissioned a series of propaganda posters to distribute throughout the Country to strengthen the morale during the war. Two previous posters were, "Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory" (800,000 printed) and "Freedom is in Peril" (400,000 printed) .
Two and a half million copies of Keep Calm And Carry On Slogan posters were printed but remained unseen by the public. They remained in reserve, intended to use only in times of crisis or invasion. Very few found their way onto Ministry Office walls.

Thats until more then fifty years later- In 2000, a copy of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was rediscovered in Barter Books, a second-hand bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland. Since Crown Copyright expires on artistic works created by the UK government after 50 years, the image is now in the public domain. The store's owners, Stuart and Mary Manley, were thus able to reprint copies at customers' requests, as did others, inside and outside Britain. It has inspired ranges of clothing, mugs, doormats, baby clothes and other merchandise from various vendors, plus a book of motivational quotations.

Designers of this poster are unfortunately unknown. We owe to them the credit to these uplifting words.

I hope you find this bit of information as interesting as I did. And while I am talking about British History, have you seen 'The King's Speech'?

I think Colin Firth is a remarkable actor and he did a great job in this movie. Again, piece of history. Malta was still a British colony at the time of King George VI's reign. 

So here is my movie recommendation for you. If you love movies like I do, then you should see this one. 

I have been hosting movie nights for my girlfriends for some time now, its a lot of fun. We have seen a few great movies and love to talk about what we saw. I couldn't believe it, my girlfriends have NOT seen MARIE ANTOINETTE..... Shockingly taking in a long loud breath!! 

So, thats it!!Bring your popcorn ladies, I'll have my tea and soda... no cheese nachos sorry. But tomorrow night is Marie Antoinette night at my house....

I serve tea a lot in my house. No one in town can serve a good cup a tea, like I do!! Trust me!! I treat everyone like royalty and pull out my fancy china.


Before I go, I had to share with a sweetest blogger sent me this week on Valentines.

Sharon from My Life at Pansy Cottage Garden, agreed on an impromptu sweet little swap with me for Valentine's Day. She received my little mini Rococo journal I blogged about here. I had to put pictures up because I was so happy to find some time to create that I couldn't wait to share.Her package is pictured in the previous post.

Here is the package as I received it!! 

 She knows me very well.... Chocolate, Pink Roses and Sweet smell of French soap. A box filled with love right here!!  I LOVE the apron! Thank you so much Sharon for everything!!

 Cannot forget the coffee, I have been chugging it down by the gallons (exaggerating of course). Yes I have been needing it to pull the nights I have working.  

Of course, when I am walking around the house snapping pictures, This sweet face, keeps popping up in front of my camera saying "Chhheeeesseeeeee" Isn't he the cutest chums!!! 

Well, I think I am caught up for now so 
To Do Loo!!

Go create something beautiful today and if you are anywhere near the south east, I hope you are enjoying the sweet sunshine and somewhat warm weather we have been having.

Hugs To All

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you dear blogger friends

I treated myself to a dozen pink roses from the market and I had fun taking some pictures. 
I hope you have a day filled with Love.

Hugs To All

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Valentines, my heart sings again!!

Creative is a state of mind for me. And it has just not been lately. Way too much on my plate for my creativity to kick in. My etsy store is momentarily empty except for the magazine. I want to be free to create when I want and what I want and without questions or stress whatsoever. I just want to be able to enjoy it. I want to inspire creativity with my magazine, but I also want to save time for me to create too, let me heart sing again.

I have worked on more surprise thingy things for dear friends on blogland. I cannot tell who, you may be the one reading this... and I won't spoil your surprise. Packages may end up being late, but better late then never I always say. I simply have to remind them that I am thinking of them and I appreciate their friendship. Nothing big either, but its the thought that counts.

What better time to show love and appreciation then Valentines Day?!!!

Even if I haven't got enough time to make cazzillions of these for everyone... I want you to know that I Love you too!! Thank you for making time to come visit with me!!

Hugs To All

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Somethin' somethin' for someone......

Ah, we had been having gorgeous spells of sunshine the last couple of days and my studio was calling my name and I stepped into it today. Even if its something small, I just had to create something pretty and this is going to be a surprise gift for someone... 

Even more the motivation...
Its a mini journal with lots of pretty ruffles!!

*Sigh* I cannot wait till winter is OVER for good. There is something about spring that inspires my creativity!! Hmmm, think its the bright shiny days!! =) 
So what do you think?

Have you created pretty today??

Hugs To All

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My version of French Macaroons!!!

I have been drooling over Laduree's pictures of their French macaroons for weeks and weeks now. I have thought about ordering a dozen off the internet but realized, Laduree only takes orders by phone. Hmmm, my French is very Very poor and I doubt that an order by phone is that easy to get across. If I am going to buy macaroons from the internet, I want the real thing!! 

Maybe someday I will make it to Paris and not only devour in Laduree Macaroons, but also get to sit in their oh heavenly decorated tea rooms. 

Enjoy a nice hot cup poured out from their silver teapots and served in fine china. I'll take the paper napkin home with me, thank you very much.

Stare at the beautiful and remarkable design of their Menu. I tend to pay attention to those details a lot for some reason.

And hmmmm, stare at the rest of the place

Doesn't this tearoom remind you of Versailles and Marie Antoinette, surrounded with all that mouth watering goodness!!??

Well, having shown all that, I am afraid I have put whats to come in the lime light!!

But I am proud I managed to domesticate myself enough on Sunday afternoon and concentrate solely on my task and challenge at hand.

I finally decided to make my own Macaroons. I had come across several recipe versions and I finally settled with Martha Stewart's 
Martha has actually made the recipe on the Today show a LOOOONG time ago when Katie Couric was still in the show. The link shows the segment and below is the recipe!! And here is what I made out of it!!

Strawberry, chocolate with strawberry filling and lemon flavored macaroons
I was so stoked  about the results. Only problem I had was grinding my own almonds to make almond flour and it didn't turn out quiet as fine as flour. I cannot find almond flour in local stores anywhere. Holly Abston on facebook suggested I go to Amazon.com for it. I have never bought groceries online before. It didn't even occurred  to me to try that. 

Anyway, hence the not so smooth look of my version. Mind you, the flavor though was Hmm
 Hmm mmmmmmmm!! They were crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, which as I have read, is the way they should be. 

I yielded a lot of them, about 25 I think and there was no way I was going to eat them all by myself so I opened my home for an early tea or coffee on Monday morning and friends came by. They ate and even had take out Macaroons. It was a lot of fun. I love tea ware and have quiet a few pieces so I like to take the occasion and use them every once in a while.

They put a smile on my face for sure and so on everyone who tasted them. 

So now I know what they taste like. Though I still dream of visiting a Laduree Tearoom but at least for now I can have fun perfecting my own. 

Off to get back to work now, Spring issue of Creating Vintage Charm awaits.

Hugs To All