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Monday, December 19, 2011

Relaxing Milk Bath Tutorial

Relaxing Milk Bath gift box

Last November I had created a post about Homemade Foot Scrubs and it was a hit. It is the time for gift giving again so why not share another gift tutorial!

Today as I was trying to come up with a small gift for my son's teacher... I remembered to look up a Relaxing Milk Bath recipe I came across in one of my Betty Crocker recipe books. This recipe is from Betty Crocker's Celebrate and is very quick and easy to make and packaging could be fun to create too. Its a great gift for family and friends.

What you need & how to do it:
For each gift box mix together 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup salt and 1 cup nonfat dry milk. 
To use, add 1 cup bath mixture to warm bath water. Can be stored in airtight container up to 1 year.

I had a paper mache box in my stash, so I am putting the mix in a plastic bag, inside the box.

After I poured the powder bath mix in the plastic bag, I used a twisty tie to close the plastic bag.

A pretty tag to indicate what the mix is "Relaxing Milk Bath"

Pretty ribbon to tie the tag to the bag

And decorated the lid with pretty paper, creppe rosette, jewelry bits and flowers. W for Whertmann... teacher's last name.

Other options would be to pour mix in vintage glass jars or a pretty decorated brown paper bags (plastic bag inside to seal freshness of powder). Include a small scented candle with the gift and receiver will be able to enjoy a relaxing bath in candlelight at home. 

Nothing says this is just to give as gift, you can probably use some relaxation too during holiday season so go ahead and try it out!!


Hugs To All

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dreaming and counting the days!!!

 Biltmore Estate

Not much longer now, and I will be packing for my short road trip to Asheville for the 
Once Upon A Dream... event hosted by Jennifer Hayslip.

My studio looks like a staging for a movie scene right now... ruffles, tulle and antiques scattered all over the room!!

My last project was a Ballet pointe shoe I transformed into a Fairy enchanting slipper. It is meant for a swap, Fairy Slipper and will be going with me to Asheville. I had soooo much fun working on it. Sweet Heidi from Sugah Beez sent me the shoe since she had a pair of her daughters worn ballet slippers. I thought that was very sweet of her to share. These shoes are even more special because they had been used, and danced and twirled in. Can you imagine a little girl practicing her pirouettes?  

I thought the wear on it adds to the enchantment... again, they have been twirled in... 
A fairy wore this shoe....

I added a note/story that adds to the charm, as if its an enchanting fairy tale page ripped from on old book and dusted with fairy dust... *sigh*

I had so much fun working on this... got me even more excited about the trip.... 
a week from today, 7 sleeps...........

Hugs To All

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breakfast IN Tiffany's ;)

It's just a play with words...

I meant you are going to have your champagne and macaroons breakfast in my Tiffany's slippers 

This week I bid farewell to my Music of the Night inspired slipper as it is now on the way to Arizona. I had many ask if the shoe was a pair and if it could be worn. Well, it wasn't. It was only meant as a display piece. But I had imagined how wonderful it would be to create a PAIR orf slippers that could actually be worn and enjoyed!! Maybe even shown off!! ;)

I hunted for a nice pair of slippers to decorate and I found these polka dot slippers.... perfect!!

I wanted to add enough to them to transform them into chic and sassy, while at the same time take in consideration comfort and durability.

So I sewed everything on by hand with Golden thread!!

The sole is left intact! Since... these are meant to be worn, they need to be comfortable.

And awhhhh!! Feathers!!... I just have to add feathers!! For me that feathery flow adds to the whimsy and elegance so I tend to add feathers to most of my creations

So if you are lucky and wear a size 6... You could be wearing these fancy, sassy and chic slippers to your next cocktail party. 

Now Listed in my Etsy

I have to say, I am enjoying getting creative with shoes. This comes from a gal who's always in sandals or chucks or what nots... But I dream.... I love fashion and beautiful shoes... I always tend to go to casual but every once in a while, we would love to be in that ball or champagne party... wearing shiny rhinestones or beautiful pearls.  

Hugs To All

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Music Of The Night!!

Hey, you remember me??.....Do You??....

It has been a while yes. Its a shame, really!! If you haven't followed me and my magazines, then when it comes to artwork, you haven't missed much. I was afraid even, that I have lost my creativity somewhere. My studio has been sitting there untouched and got replaced by a computer screen. Ughh!! Not good!! I love working on the magazine but I need to start putting it aside at least for a day to let my creative juices flow too.

So once again, I let the phantom and his music take me away...

I created a shoe, for a night at the opera... and perhaps a masquerade ball after wards!!

I have to mention too, I had bought a nice and nifty camera a few months back. Its "new" to me, cos I bought it from a pawn shop. Don't you just love ebay?? I do!

So since, I have also taken to photography. I LOVE it and enjoy it very much. And unlike everything else that I get into, that ends up building pressure and putting a lid on my creativity. I am leaving photography, as a hobby right now.

I have been sharing my photos, like these above on another blog. It is my OTHER blog and so I named it Sonia's Other Blog. Clever name huh?? Yea!! I really wasn't trying and geez, what could I call it and I wasn't in a brainstorm mood I guess. =) But thats ok. You can visit and follow if you like...

Hugs To All

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating Marie Style is now available!!!

I would have to consider this issue my masterpiece.
I was pinching myself after I flipped trough my proof copy for the first time.

I am honoring our brave and fashionable queen, Marie Antoinette with a magazine issue dedicated to artwork inspired by her.

I especially want to thank everyone who contributed artwork and features to help produce this beautiful magazine. My dream wouldn't have come true without your support.
THANK YOU!!! xoxox

In this issue; ~ Featured Artist, Cathy Scalise ~ Shop at the Versailles Market, pretties and ideal gifts from various artists and designers ~ Tutorials by Terri Gordon and Debi Huntsman and Melanie Hall ~ Marie Cut-Out images by Cassie's Creations ~ Framing Prints by Sonia Crouse ~ Featuring Paulette Kinney, Dawn Shotton and more....

Copies are being sold here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/200911

If Marie and Rococo is your thing, then be sure to get your copy. Yes I also included TWO 8x11 printed digital collage art prints for framing, glittering or anything frou frouey you may want to use them for. I hope you all would enjoy!!

Love to all!! xoxox

Hugs To All

Friday, June 3, 2011

Creating Marie Style
Creating Vintage Charm Issue 4:
Marie Antoinette Inspired Arts and DesignsIn this issue; ~ Featured Artist, Cathy Scalise ~ Shop at the Versailles Market, pretties and ideal gifts from various artists and designers ~ Tutorials by Terri Gordon and Debi Huntsman and Melanie Hall ~ Marie Cut-Out images by Cassie's Creations ~ Framing Prints by Sonia Crouse~ Featuring Paulette Kinney, Dawn Shotton and more....

Hugs To All

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calling fellow artists, Creating Marie Style!!

A special publication presented by Creating Vintage Charm magazine, is in the works. 

Creating Marie Style is the printed magazine featuring 
Marie Antoinette, rococo era / 17th century, style, fashions; inspired art and creations.

So if you are an artist or crafter, designer, digital artist, etc... and you would like to submit articles, tutorials, how-to's, photography and/or artwork, please contact me at sonia.crouse@yahoo.com. 

All articles and photography are credited accordingly to providers.

I welcome any ideas and interest in the publication. 
Issue expected to release May, 2011.

Hugs To All

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just me!! Dammi un Baccio!!

Yeah, there you have it... That's me...
In a dressing room on a Sunday morning playing around with frilly dresses.

I have not shared that many photos of me on my blog. I think these are the silliest photos, but this is just me being myself so why not!!??

I never did buy that dress because it wouldn't zip up all the way (have to loose a couple more inches I guess, wink* ) but I am SOOO regretting it and I am yes, contemplating going back an hour drive to the city to get it!! Yeah...that's me... 

Give me a Kiss, Dammi un Baccio (in Italian)

Growing up, these heavenly kisses were a threat on Christmas!! They come from Italy and are made by Perugina. Perugina in Italy is like Ghirardelli here in US. They have a nocchiatella (hazelnut) and whole hazelnut filling covered in dark European chocolate. You can find them in World Market stores, especially over the holidays or special occasions like Valentine's.

I love Perugina.

Wrapped inside with the chocolate, there is always a sweet sentiment like this one below. Translated in 4 different European languages, Italian, French, German and English.

Some say, 
Love without kisses is a night without stars

I love this one,
When you kiss me, without uttering a word you speak to my soul.


Hugs To All