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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rags and Feathers

I am sure many of you are familiar with Cassandra VanCuren and her blog My Artful Adventures. Well, if you want to get crafty and you are in need of some inspiration and help, then you must check out her ezines (click on banner above to be directed to her ezine blog with more info) So far she has published two, one for febuary and one for march. I purchased both within the same week and I am inspired. You get gorgeous project tutorials, complete with pictures, very detailed instructions and also info about materials you need if neccessary.
I want to try everything in the ezines. I have some supplies on order but one, I had everything for and I got down to work.

Here is a Rag Wreath that I made. Cassandra's tutorial was for an Easter wreath. Hmm!! Easter is very close and I dont want to make my wreath for a few days then have to put it away so I skipped the easter theme.

I adorned mine with a white bird, some millinery flowers, pearls and of course.... feathers!!!

I was very happy and satisfied with the final result and it is now hanging over the mirror on top of my mantel.
Go check out the ezines and have some fun!! I know I will be!!

I have added a new set of French Rococo Era, Fashion Plates Ladies tags to my store Vintage Rose Designs. On Etsy I sold several sets, similar to this one.

Hope you are enjoying your week. In my neck of the woods, it's going to be a nice and warm one... wohooo!!
Until next time....

Hugs To All

Friday, March 26, 2010

Continuing where I left off!!

New Tags for my handmade items....
I have a small sunroom in the back of the house and it doesnt have cooling or heating. Its very nice in the summer because it is shady but in the winter it is cold. So in winter it is more of a catch all room to the "get to later" stuff.
Last weekend it was nice and sunny so I thought , well its time to go out there and clean up that room again. But I wanted to do more then cleaning up. I wanted to redo the cushion covers and add new lighting and maybe perk the decor a bit. Low budget is the key here. I just had to see how far I can go with so little.

First I decided to hop to our local Goodwill.
A Vintage Sheet I got from Goodwill above bought for $2

I made two cushion covers and also covered a lampshade. The shade I had tucked up in the attic with a lamp base that was originally green and I spray painted in white the same weekend.
You can see it below.

The curtains in the background are old/vintage curtains I found in this house and kept when we moved in. The decorative window too, was in the kitchen then we replaced them with new ones and I kept the old wooden ones.
Quilt was a gift from a friend and so is the planter on the sill.

The tray was a Vintage Dr Pepper tray that well....sorry for any Dr Pepper fans but it was an eye sore for me ro I redid it in shabby pink... There, don't it look much better??!!
Doileys underneat 50c from goodwill. Crochet doileys make all the difference in the room. Just have to have that touch of lace!!

And yes, the plates are far from perfect but the colors are. I love the gold designed borders. Both thrift store finds.
So there you have it, simple, but I love it... Now I can enjoy my tea and a magazine out there in spring and summer.
So...do you like???

Here is a birdhouse I decorated for a swap I am participating in at the Marie Mail Art Group. I love it and after I got done with it, I told myself that I had to find another birdhouse so I can recreate this one for me.

Well, I guess thats all for now. I managed to post and catch up. After the previous post, I had to turn in my laptop to get wiped clean and windows installed again. I didn't have it for 3 days. Yeah, it was a Spy-ware that got into my laptop and ruined it. So now after I get done here, I need to go and install all programs I use all over again. Fun, fun...
Have a nice weekend everyone!!!!

Hugs To All

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another long one, get comfortable!!!

I am now about 6 weeks away from delivering, and I CANNOT wait. Megan has been kicking and kicking to get out already!!! I agree, I want her out too... :) Yeah, its getting harder and harder to move around with a very big and low belly hanging.

But, it hasn't stopped me any. I have been on a roll... Busy doing stuff for the shop and then I take a break and work on swaps for Marie Antoinette Mail Art. Well, better then sitting around doing nothing while I wait. At least all this keeps my mind occupied.

I have worked on a few more items for the shop and believe me, there is more that I have in mind that I want to do. But here are a few...

Marie Antoinette Inspired Sachet. The image is the digital collage shown in previous post.

It is now available in my Vinatge Rose Designs shop.

I love this pillow set. Great colors for spring!!

The above are tea towels and guest hand towels. Lovely colors too don't you think??


Well, I am so sorry everyone, but it seems like I am going to have to cut this short. After putting up the pictures, my laptop crashed, infected by a virus for the second time this year, AARRRGGGHHHHHHHH. I hopped on to my SLOOOWWWWWW desktop to finish the job and well, I cannot.... all my stuff IS on the laptop that I cannot use.....

Hear me scream??? It is so frustrating. SO, I am going to leave you today with half a post.

I promise to be back as soon as I go give an earful to the guy that supposedly installed a very good ANTI Virus protection programm on my laptop. Or maybe not, cos after all, hes gonna have to fix the mess!!!


Hugs To All

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marie eating cake!!!

I have been very busy working on my shop and sewing new items to put up there. Here is Marie, digital art, created for a project. I hope you like it!!

Sorry, I am keeping this post rather short but I will be back to share some goodies I finished lately with you.
I hope you all are enjoying spring, whoever have a sign of it anyway. By me, it comes and goes.
I am also growing bigger and bigger. I will be delivering in a little less then two months and have to say, I am trying to slow myself down a little and take it easy.
Well, until next time....

Hugs To All

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vintage Rose Designs New e-Store, Marie A and some teaser peaks!!

Oh what a beautiful day outside!! Its is so nice and warm and sunny. I REALLY do hope weather stays like this. I have been looking forward to a nice warm day, so me and the boys can play outside and enjoy some fresh (not cold) air. I was out picking on the little garden weeding and getting rid of bad branches. Love it...

I first want to announce that I have finally decided and got my own site www.vintagerosedesigns.net. Yepp, I finally did it. I have all my creations for sale like some of the following, I am selling home decor, mixed media or collage paper goods, fabrics (oh so rosey and pretty!!) and also some shabby, cottage and paris chic goodies, that I really think you should see. So go check out my store and you wont regret it.
The following are some items that are available.

This is a custom order I finished, 2 Euro shams, bolster and round pillows and scotty pillow all in blush roses fabrics. I do have more scotties available in store.


Here is our sweet Marie. As majestic as ever.
Well, in a swap for the Mail Art Group we had to decorate a "Marie" Mini Birdcage. Here is my finished cage.
I am presenting Marie here in her not so free life, while birds really seemed to have more freedom then our beloved queen.

She sits gracefully in her pretty cage.

And the pretty bird enjoys the scenery from the outside world.

So what do you think???
And OOOOOOoooohhhhh!!! I received my "Marie" Birdcage from Debi of Life in my Studio. I was squeeeeeling before I even opened the box because I KNOW....Debi's work is just AMAZINGGG!!
Even the tissue paper, I had to carefully unwrap the package without tearing the tissue because its just so pretty. Yes, I kept it of course!!!

She even created the handmade card. I love it!! (lets count how many times I'm gonna say that) I love it..... :)
And look at Marie....

Isn't it just gorgeous??!! The cage is Marie's skirt and inside is the pretty blue bird resting on a bed of ribbon roses and flowers....

It really looks good with my rococo redecorated shoes, doesn't it??

Love it!!
Look at the fine details on the skirt....

Love it!!
I have to tell you. I was really, really lucky to be the one to receive her artwork. You have to go visit her blog, there is so much more to gawk at there, I can tell you that!!

And whats a blog without some teasing pictures??!! Yepp, I have been busy there too. I mean in my baby to come's nursery room. Me and a VERY dear friend of mine painted the wall and finished the woodwork last week.

Then I started playing. Like I mentioned before, I am working on a budget here but that doesnt mean I am not having fun. Oh, no not at all!!
...Yah let the fun begin... Here is a light catcher I created.

And this crib, I was so lucky to find it on craigslist for REAL cheap. Yes it was a bit of a drive but soooo worth it. Thanks again to my dear friend who drove me to go get it.

Then we stopped at a church sale and I found this dress... wooohhh!! Pink and lace... I'm in heaven. Just pinch me, I am going to have a baby girl.


Last but not least, my young prince chases after me every time I pull my camera out to take pictures. He wants to see himself in the little screen on my digital camera. He is almost two years old, can you believe that?? I don't!! Where does time go. He is such a cutie. His older brother is too and not to mention a gentleman.
I love my little men.

Yepp, it was a looong post, and now I have to go and enjoy the sun some more... I hope you are too or being creative otherwise!!

Hugs To All