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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dreaming of Christmas filled with ribbons and feathers!!!

I am very excited about the holidays as you can see. If it wasn't for the kiddos, I would have skipped Halloween all together and starting working on the Christmas tree. I started decorating for Halloween yesterday and I am almost done. And I know that compared to many, I am very mild on that particular holiday decor. 

And how could I not be excited about Christmas, there's the magazine I am working on, bursting with eye candy and I received a package from Kirstie from Adeline Country Cottage all the way from Australia. She is sponsoring my Creative Challenge for Creating Vintage Charm. I will be posting pictures on the magazine blog, of what is going to be included with the Prizes.

I also have been on the hunt for ornaments for the new tree I bought. Yesterday at the thrift store I found a box of these creamy vintage white ornaments and after kiddos went to bed, I starting playing =)

I don't know about you, but most of the time, I start with an idea in my head but it almost never goes that way as soon as I start working and find that this doesn't work, or that will work better. But that the creativity at work right?!!!

I started stamping and glittering the ornaments, like you see the one with the crown. I love it but I wanted more pink so then I pulled out my stashes of ribbon and trims and ribbon roses. 

I just had to add the touch of white feathers!! I love feathers floating on the tree.

Well, it may be that all you will be seeing from here till Christmas, is any more ornaments I will be coming up with. Time is very limited and what time I have is going to be dedicated on filling the tree. Thats my plan anyway. Like I said, who knows where creativity will direct me!!!

Have I ever shown you the little Marie Antoinette Birdhouse?? Its a beauty and I received that from blogging best friend Debi from Life in my Studio in a swap in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art swap.

Well, two year old prince wants to read stories with me so... I will go read the Little Engine that Could and I hope you are inspired to create something fun today... Todolooo!!!

Hugs To All


Robin Ennis Willson said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful find...such possibilities with "good bones" like those. And you must have a great stash to embellish from :)

Lilli Blue said...

Beautiful! You can see the love in the things you have made.

Lisas och Mattias Blogg said...

What lovely decorations, ooo that reminds me that christmas is here soon.
What a lovely blog you have :)
Take care Lisa

Leann said...

Too early to think about Christmas - never to early!

Have fun my friend!


Adeline Country Cottage said...

Beautiful post Sonia,

Love thoses vintage christmas ornaments, you have decorated them nicely.


debi said...

Sonia, your ornaments are beautiful! Love the pretty bits you're adding to the bulbs.