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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paper Faces on Parade!!!

Well perhaps this post comes a little late in the year then it should but the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group organized a swap that I couldn't pass. And I will show you later what I have created but while working ... again in my dream world while working, I went across the Atlantic ocean back to europe... Venice, Italy to be exact. What we in US call as Mardi Gras, in europe its the Carnival. I was brought up celebrating carnival in Malta.

Thats me dressed as the Spanish Dancer =) Cute eh!!?? Hihi!! Malta's carnival is much like Halloween without the trick or treating. We dress up and go to the city and watch the parade

Lots of bright floats and mariachi bands.

In Venice however, or across the rest of Europe perhaps, Carnival is more misterious and elegant.

Can you imagine? Carnival is the day, that doesn't matter who you are and what you look like, you will wear a mask and no one will know for a day. You will disguise yourself with a beautiful mask go to the ball and dance with?? Well, you don't know who!! Until its time to reveal...

And speaking of Masquerade Balls, I can't help but remember my favorite musical... Yes, I was LISTENING to the music while working.

Sure you have noticed by now The Phantom of the Opera. Like Marie Antoinette, this movie is very inspiring to me when it comes to costumes and props and everything else. Let's no forget to mention Gerard Butler but I'm not gonna go there

And after all the day dreaming and beauty... let's go to what I was doing.

Ah, yess!! For a swap in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group, there was a Masquerade mask swap that I COULD NOT pass. And you can see why above.

My swap partner is Mary from The Damsel of Distress blog.
I hit a creative mental blog last night... maybe I was very tired but after a night's sleep I was able to pick it up and finish it and I am very happy with my creation. Well, I hope Mary will be too.

The mask is covered in velvet and well, glitters of course!!
I added the butterfly and pretty feathers.

The back is covered in Pink and Roses fabric and the mask is worn by a ribbon that ties in the back of the head.
What do you think??

Well, that's it for today. I hope you join me in my other blog and celebrate with me the launch of my new venture, the printed magazine Creating Vintage Charm, with a Launch Party and a Giveaway.

PS. I just noticed how I do say 'Well' a lot... hmmm, Oh well!! =)
Hugs To All


Home and Heart said...

These pics are AMAZING!! Your mask is beautiful! I am looking SO forward to your magazine, and hope to try and contribute in the future. I know it will be a big success!! Congrats to you!!

Debi said...

Wow what incredible photos!! You are such a talent! Just GORGOEUS!! I am so excited to see your magazine! I would love to put a button on my blog for it. Do you have one?

Natasha Burns said...

love your mask! it's beautiful Sonia!!!
oh i love the Carnival of Venice! it's so eerie and mysterious, isn't it! everywhere in Venice, at any time of year, you find masks. i love that!

Mary Brockway said...

I just LOVED reading your post! And the mask is LOVELY!!! I can't wait to see it in person :)


Lenae May said...

WOW! Such a beautiful blog! I'm going to explore it! ;)

pamala said...

Oh my, such a beautiful mask! Lovely pics of everything! Best wishes with your new venture.

shabbydreaming said...

WOW what gorgeous Pictures!! LOVE the mask I need one in November for a party I have I will try and make one like that!!

Elyse said...

hi sonia!

i love the opening photo - little sonia at carnival - so adorable! very cool photos and info, too.

and holy moly -- the mask you created is brilliant!

how do you find/make the time!? amazing!


Anonymous said...

What amazing costumes!! I have always wanted to dress up in an elegant yet wild dress and mask and go to a mascaraed party!

I am excited about you new venture and the Vintage Charm party! I am already working on a post which is amazing because I am so a procrastinator!

bee blessed

Real Estate Tampa said...

Excellent colorful pictures collection...really nice to all these kind of pics in a single post keep on posting like this....

Terri said...

The photos about Carnival are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing about it.
Your mask is gorgeous! The butterfly really makes it totally over the top. Just perfect. Mary will love it, I am sure.