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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Revamp It Party 2010.

Dear Natasha is hosting the Revamp It Party for the second year. I wasn't a part of it last year but it was a huge success and a lot of fun. Everyone's revamped projects were wonderful. 

As I was driving to the grocerie store on friday, I passed a thrift store and they had this chair sitting outside for sale. I do not know why I love chairs. I place them around the house to catch whatever... Purses, clothes, bags or well, I guess to sit on... =) But I told myself, Oh no...this one will go in my vendor booth downtown, I can Revamp It and  sell it. In the mean time I use it to prop pillows I sell on it... So low and behold, it ended in my trunk.I got it for $5.

The white fabric was dirty and a leg was a tad loose so I tightened and glued the leg, removed the seat and sanded it down. I have to be honest, I take short cuts when I refinish furniture because when I have a picture in my head of what I want it to look like, I cannot wait to have that picture alive. I can also call that impatience. 
Anyway!! After I sanded it to where the gloss was removed I primed it, then primed it again...
Then I painted it and sanded it to smoothen the paint and painted it again...

When I do the final sanding, I like to go sporadic and uneven. I just love the way it looks.

As for the seat, the fabric I really loved to see on it was the Rachel Ashwell's blush rose.
Hmmm, big mistake... or was it?? My daughter's bedroom has the matching fabric balloon shade.

I wanted to take pictures of the chair so I took it up in my daughter's bedroom... It never made it out of there. It so happened that a couple of plush animals were laying on the changing table and I couldn't use it... But, now I can because I have a matching chair to put the plush toys on. Love it!!

I hope you liked my quick Revamp project. Please hop on to Natasha Burn's blog for other Revamped projects.

Hugs To All

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sandy Foster on CBS tomorrow morning!!

Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Sandy Foster from My Shabby Streamside Studio. A wonderful person and one gorgeous studio in the Catskills in NY. 

Tomorrow morning she will be appearing in the Nate Berkus show on CBS. Check showtimes for your area here. It is definetly a segment not to be missed.

As she says on her blog post, grab your prettiest cup of tea, relax and watch the show.

Her furry friend Zuzu, is just too cute. He's a Maltese dog =) Sandy loves my birthplace for that reason.

She will also be featured in the Christmas issue of Creating Vintage Charm.

Don't forget to purchase your first issue of Creating Vintage Charm now on sale. Get it right now while at a discounted price till the 30th of September.

Hugs To All

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paper Faces on Parade!!!

Well perhaps this post comes a little late in the year then it should but the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group organized a swap that I couldn't pass. And I will show you later what I have created but while working ... again in my dream world while working, I went across the Atlantic ocean back to europe... Venice, Italy to be exact. What we in US call as Mardi Gras, in europe its the Carnival. I was brought up celebrating carnival in Malta.

Thats me dressed as the Spanish Dancer =) Cute eh!!?? Hihi!! Malta's carnival is much like Halloween without the trick or treating. We dress up and go to the city and watch the parade

Lots of bright floats and mariachi bands.

In Venice however, or across the rest of Europe perhaps, Carnival is more misterious and elegant.

Can you imagine? Carnival is the day, that doesn't matter who you are and what you look like, you will wear a mask and no one will know for a day. You will disguise yourself with a beautiful mask go to the ball and dance with?? Well, you don't know who!! Until its time to reveal...

And speaking of Masquerade Balls, I can't help but remember my favorite musical... Yes, I was LISTENING to the music while working.

Sure you have noticed by now The Phantom of the Opera. Like Marie Antoinette, this movie is very inspiring to me when it comes to costumes and props and everything else. Let's no forget to mention Gerard Butler but I'm not gonna go there

And after all the day dreaming and beauty... let's go to what I was doing.

Ah, yess!! For a swap in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group, there was a Masquerade mask swap that I COULD NOT pass. And you can see why above.

My swap partner is Mary from The Damsel of Distress blog.
I hit a creative mental blog last night... maybe I was very tired but after a night's sleep I was able to pick it up and finish it and I am very happy with my creation. Well, I hope Mary will be too.

The mask is covered in velvet and well, glitters of course!!
I added the butterfly and pretty feathers.

The back is covered in Pink and Roses fabric and the mask is worn by a ribbon that ties in the back of the head.
What do you think??

Well, that's it for today. I hope you join me in my other blog and celebrate with me the launch of my new venture, the printed magazine Creating Vintage Charm, with a Launch Party and a Giveaway.

PS. I just noticed how I do say 'Well' a lot... hmmm, Oh well!! =)
Hugs To All