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Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember Me??

Wow, where do I begin?? I really appologize for leaving you hanging for so long. It has been almost 3 months since I last posted here. As you may see about a lot happened since then. Yes charming princess was born on April 10th and she turned our world around. She is the most precious thing ever and she has started smiling already, the smiles that melt your heart. Now even more reason to have pink around. It was so much fun unwrapping gifts all wrapped in pretty pink paper and ribbons. I have been in heaven the last 3 months.
So here I am 3 months later, still trying to hold on to sanity. As soon as the girl was born, my youngest boy turned two and a wave of craziness hit. Still trying to get a grip but I have been pulling through...:) And also managed to get back to creating and sewing. Mostly sewing custom orders.
I have also started selling my creations in a booth in town again and that has been fun. The store is called Mayberry Primitives. Though I know my items are far from primitive, the lady who owns the shop (whos name is also Sonya by the way) wants to sell handmade items from crafters in town. That is very sweet of her.

I have to share some pictures of a package I recieved from a dear friend Debi from
Life in my Studio

Everything like I said before was wrapped in divine papers, flower bouquets and ribbon. She sent a package with gifts for my baby girl. Its loaded with adorable clothes including a dress she sewed herself with pink roses on it. I love it....

I wanted to post pictures of it but this blogging is being a pain when it comes to pictures lately and so I would have to say that the crown below is sitting on the dress and thats all you can see.
But I did manage to get the picture of the beautiful Tiara she made for my baby. I LOVE IT...

Thank you so much Debi. The tiara is going to be a beautiful keepsake for my daughter. I do hope she will learn to cherrish the handmade creations more.

As if what I have going on is not enough!! I decided to publish a magazine called
Creating Vintage Charm.

I do not know how the idea hit me but I got excited about it and before you know it, it became my labor of love. Above is just an example of what it will look like. I may change the cover picture but the title stays the same.
What is it about??!! You say??..
Well, in the last four years I have met the most amazing artists, wether they are textile, painting, mixed media... you name it... all unique and beautiful people. And so is the work they do. Some are very known to the networking community here in blog land, flickr and facebook. Others may not be as much. So, I wanted to show off some work from different amazing people that inspire me and you too. And if I could help raising awareness of their work I would reach my goal. I also want the magazine to be a wonderful source for all crafters and artists here on blog, etsy, flickr and facebook. Well, am I crazy or what??
Too late for that... I am working on it already and it looks beautiful... You wait and see...
Well, I better be off.
Thank you all for coming by my blog to visit.
Hugs To All


Terri Gordon said...

Oh Sonia, what a beautiful baby girl, congratulations, I am so happy for you. How exciting. I bet your life is crazy now. Have fun. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Lori said...

Congratulations!! Wishing you the best! Love the magazine idea! The pink is very enticing!!!How do you add those fabulous backgrounds you posted last? They are just what I want!! I love all the pink girlie things, so much fun! Were you selling somewhere online or have I missed it? lately I'm off on another planet, too much rest for my brain I guess!LOL Try to get some rest, I bet your so busy morning till night! later,Lori

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Sonia, congratulations on the birth of your daughter! She is so precious! Isn't shopping for girls' baby clothes so much fun. I used to love shopping for Lisa when she was little. They do grow up so quick, especially these days. I know what you mean about the terrible two's, just hang in there! Your magazine is a wonderful idea and I think the cover you have on it now is just beautiful! Can't wait to see it. I don't know how you fit it all in with 3 young children, sewing and now the book. You must be superwoman..lol! Thanks so much for visiting me before... take care, Maryann

Hana said...

Congrats on the sweet baby girl!! April 10th is my little Ella's bday too...she is 2 now....and yes, girls are so much fun. Pink things are the cutest!!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!!! Just like her Mummy! Who, by the way, I think MUST be Super Woman! You very clever lady, managing to do all that you do. xxx

Maubrey said...

hi visiting and dropping on your blog..

so to be frank do u like my blog..if so follow and drop a comment ..if u dont like means just dont drop a comment ..

Vanessa said...

Hi, Sonia. Your baby is really beautiful, congratulations. And your blog too. I loved all things in here.
Hugs to you and your little girl.

Rella said...

Sonia, your daughter is so beautiful!! Congratulations and best wishes.

Your magazine looks so lovely and what an endeavor. Best of luck with that. The cover is gorgeous.

Take good care and enjoy every moment of new motherhood.

ox Rella