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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freebies!! Blog Backgrounds

Who doesn't like freebies. Well, preggy mama here is pasted to the pc, staying put waiting for little one to ..... come out already!!!!

Sewing machine production slowed down a lot since my belly is so huge and low, I seem to have to sew from a distance, LOL. I have 4 weeks to go.... Yippieeee!!!

So, I got playing with creating Blog backgrounds. And I've been having fun. You see, I redid mine... :D You like???
And got carried away and created some more.

OK, I am not a pro, have not been doing this for very long. I am self taught but I think I got the creative eye for this. You be the judge!! I would like to share these following backgrounds with you, only thing is you may have to email me for the code because that I haven't mastered yet. (how to place a code on a post without throwing MY blog out of whack) So, if you are interested, email me at info@vintagerosedesign.net and let me know which background code you prefer and I be more then happy to send it to you, unless youre better then me and can suggest a better way for me to share these html codes.

Don't worry, if I don't receive any emails I won't be offended.

I'll have to be back soon and post about some beautiful stuff I have been receiving in the mail lately. I get excited when I see the mail man approaching the door with packages... Feel like running up to him and snatch the package and run in, to open the goodies.

Well, until then.....

Hugs To All


debi said...

your backgrounds are gorgeous! one of these days, I may have to hire you to create one that would fit my wide butt blog.
hugs, Debi

Jen said...

Your backgrounds are shabby gorgeous!

Andi-Brown Bee Studio said...

Just beautiful Sonia! xoxo AndiBee

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Well are'nt you talented! i knew you could sew but do this too? I'm tech challenged!

Patchylein said...

Hello from Germany,
i have found your blog in facebook today and must tell u how loveley it is. Such nicht and butifull things to c...... i am jealous ;-)))

Greetings from Patchylein


Sonia, these backgrounds (and your blog) are just gorgeous! Just found you and will have to follow! If I had not just this week changed my blog look, I would snap one of these up in an instant! Perhaps they will still be available when I want to change again. Not sure if they can be stored or saved for future use. Do you know how to do that? Congratulations on the new baby, who is taking his/her time making a grand entrance.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love, love, your blog and I won't miss another post, because now I am a follower. I would be honored if you would take a peak at my new blog. It is DIY, tips, tricks, and secrets http://thepolkadotcloset.blogspot.com/
Thank You. Carol

Thimbles of the World said...


I would like to invite you to visit and join Thimbles of the World at http://thimblesoftheworld.blogspot.com/

Greetings from Poland,
Agnieszka Kopczyńska

quilting chick said...

So has the little miss arrived already? I am anxiously awaiting the news. Hope you and your little family are doing good. Think of you often and send prayers your way. Hugs, Marietta

shabbydreaming said...

hey gorgeous!! Hope you and Megan are doin well!Love the back grounds!! Would love the code to this first one when you have time!

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Sonia, so nice to hear you are doing well and 4 wks to go! wow! I just love your new blog design and would love the code for the 2nd one please and perhaps the last one too, can't decide which one I like better!! I think you have the knack for gorgeous shabby backgrounds as I have chopped and changed mine so many times it's not funny, all because I can't find one I REALLY like! Thanks so much for your freebies.. take care and look forward to seeing pics of your new baby,, take care, Maryann

Sugar Bear said...

Hey - how are you feeling mama?

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

Hi Sonia, hope you and little Miss Megan are doing well! Just found your blog, love your designs, they are shabbylicious! We are now a follower and invite you to come and follow us too.

Take care,

CAM Creations said...

I just absolutely love the backgrounds i have sent you an email for the codes. Thanks

kak rose said...

hye sonia.. for the first time i see ur background..i fell in love it! keep it up.. :)

Ester♥小米 said...

Hello, I'm from Malaysia..
but my english not really good /.\
I have link you, and use your background, can?
If can't, please tell me, and i will change it, i love the all thing you make it!!!
so GOOD!!! Thanks :D

makeITpink said...

I love your backgrounds! I'm your new follower. =) I tried emailing you to get a code for the one with the big roses. I would love to use it for my own blog. It said your email isn't working...Please let me know where best to contact you for the code. I would really appreciate it! Thank you!