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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another long one, get comfortable!!!

I am now about 6 weeks away from delivering, and I CANNOT wait. Megan has been kicking and kicking to get out already!!! I agree, I want her out too... :) Yeah, its getting harder and harder to move around with a very big and low belly hanging.

But, it hasn't stopped me any. I have been on a roll... Busy doing stuff for the shop and then I take a break and work on swaps for Marie Antoinette Mail Art. Well, better then sitting around doing nothing while I wait. At least all this keeps my mind occupied.

I have worked on a few more items for the shop and believe me, there is more that I have in mind that I want to do. But here are a few...

Marie Antoinette Inspired Sachet. The image is the digital collage shown in previous post.

It is now available in my Vinatge Rose Designs shop.

I love this pillow set. Great colors for spring!!

The above are tea towels and guest hand towels. Lovely colors too don't you think??


Well, I am so sorry everyone, but it seems like I am going to have to cut this short. After putting up the pictures, my laptop crashed, infected by a virus for the second time this year, AARRRGGGHHHHHHHH. I hopped on to my SLOOOWWWWWW desktop to finish the job and well, I cannot.... all my stuff IS on the laptop that I cannot use.....

Hear me scream??? It is so frustrating. SO, I am going to leave you today with half a post.

I promise to be back as soon as I go give an earful to the guy that supposedly installed a very good ANTI Virus protection programm on my laptop. Or maybe not, cos after all, hes gonna have to fix the mess!!!


Hugs To All


Duchess of Tea said...

Sonia darling, it has been awhile since I have visited you. Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy. The last months are the most difficult ones, but then you already know this. Take it easy darling and take care of yourself. Wishing you and your family a spring season full of blessings and happiness.

Love & Hugs

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Lovely pillows! Such pretty fabric and colors!

Shirley said...

Computers are good as long as they are working. Your pillows are pretty and isn't it fun to be able to feel the little one moving. It will soon be time as fast as the months are going. It seems as though they have just started and they are gone. Take care.

debi said...

Wow!! You've been a busy girl! Everything is sooo pretty!
Love the new Marie sachet...beautiful!