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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lady Rose

Yay, Lady Rose is here. She is my new companion now in my studio. So glad to finally adopt a dress form. Yes, she wears her rhinestones necklace, missing some stones. She likes to keep up with the Joneses, but in a thrifty way and proud of it too. Thats my kinda gal!!

And for the occasion, to show her off so quick, I sewed an apron this week so as soon as she makes it to my studio, she'll get to work. The apron is lovely, I think so anyway, (and so does Lady Rose ;) Its now listed in my Etsy store here

See?? being preggy has lots of advantages, like excuses for buying stuff you always wanted but you never did. I thought if I sewed an apron to sell, I could not put it on myself to demostrate and take pictures. So I guess its time to get me an assistant. Hence Lady Rose.

Beware of Dogs

But they are cute and shabby chic puppies. I finished more Scotty Puppy pillows and they are also now listed in my etsy.

Geez, some weather we have!! First year in NC that I have seen as much snow as I did this year. And today it is Wiiinnnndddyyyyyyy!! Wind is really cold, freezing more like it!! Good thing about it is, that I never really did get my yard cleaned up from the fall leaves mess. (another preggy excuse) But this wind is helping a lot with that. Well, across the street from me is the cemetery. I always end up trading to a bunch of flower bouquets that end up blown into my yard!!

Honestly though, I am SO ready for spring this year. I may have valid reasons to feel down at times. But this year cloudy, yukky weather is really getting to me, pushing me down in the dumps, as I have been saying. I am really ready for sunshine and beautiful spring colors. What do ya'll think???

God Bless, until next time. And don't forget to sign up for my Giveaway.

Hugs To All



Welcome Lady Rose...she's beautiful...I want one too...and you're right, the apron you made is terrific...it makes me want to do housework right this minute!

Well done..I just may check out your etsy shop....NOW


Terri Gordon said...

You are a lucky lady, I think everyone wants a dress form. Love the apron it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Debby said...

Lady Rose is beautiful.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Just love Lady Rose! I have a dress form that is all dolled up in a white victorian dress with a hat and she is Minerva!

Heart2Home said...

She's lovely! I just recently purchased a vintage mannequin too and I couldn't be more pleased!


Betty Jo said...

Lady Rose looks wonderful wearing your gorgeous apron! Everything you make is gorgeous. ♥

aimee said...

just gorgeous! i love the apron. you did a fantastic job :)

Shirley said...

I think Lady Rose is charming in her apron and necklace. The weather has been quite different regardless of where you live. Take care.

debi said...

Your Lady Rose is lovely...and her name is perfect!
You've really been busy with all your beautiful sewing projects. I'm glad to see you creating again!

Elyse said...


your fabric choices are always awesome!!!

i hope you are feeling & doing well, sweets.


Cathy said...

Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful post. I'm a Marie lover too, so anything "Marie" is fine with me.

You are one lucky lady!