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Monday, February 15, 2010

We have a winner and some pages from my Rococo Altered Book.

And we have a winner....... Drum roll pleeeaaassseeeeee

Karen from Some Days are Diamonds is the lucky winner of this lavender scented Heart sachet.

Thanks to all of you who particiapted in my giveaway and celebrate my come back.

Karen please email me your mailing address so I can mail your gift to you.


I got started with some swaps that I have going in the Marie Mail Art group. Oh I cannot wait to show you. They are sooooo much fun. So while doing those I ordered more supplies that now I am waiting for in the mail.

While doing that I decided to go on to something else. Now do you remember that Rococo Altered book that I started some time last year?? You can see it here. I got really excited with all the Rococo fancy collages and art again. I wanted to do more and more. Well, I decided to work on some more pages on the book. It had been neglected for too long now, I need to work more on it from time to time.

So here are the pages I did. The graphic design is by Olga's Designs

I love ribbon roses. I really need to start making my own but I do have a pretty BIG stash of them so I might as well use them. I love the colors.

I powdered the lady and revamped her make up by hand with pencil colors and you may notice the pink streaks in her hair.

Here are the Drama Queens.

I started the page with crepe paper ruffles on sides and Asian floral wall paper border ( I love the border, a great find at the goodwill store. Got to love that store)

They were so much fun to make and yes, I was in heaven in a super messy studio with glitters and lots of colorful supplies flowing all over the room.

I cannot wait to show you what else I made....

Until next post..... to do loo!!!

Hugs To All

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lady Rose

Yay, Lady Rose is here. She is my new companion now in my studio. So glad to finally adopt a dress form. Yes, she wears her rhinestones necklace, missing some stones. She likes to keep up with the Joneses, but in a thrifty way and proud of it too. Thats my kinda gal!!

And for the occasion, to show her off so quick, I sewed an apron this week so as soon as she makes it to my studio, she'll get to work. The apron is lovely, I think so anyway, (and so does Lady Rose ;) Its now listed in my Etsy store here

See?? being preggy has lots of advantages, like excuses for buying stuff you always wanted but you never did. I thought if I sewed an apron to sell, I could not put it on myself to demostrate and take pictures. So I guess its time to get me an assistant. Hence Lady Rose.

Beware of Dogs

But they are cute and shabby chic puppies. I finished more Scotty Puppy pillows and they are also now listed in my etsy.

Geez, some weather we have!! First year in NC that I have seen as much snow as I did this year. And today it is Wiiinnnndddyyyyyyy!! Wind is really cold, freezing more like it!! Good thing about it is, that I never really did get my yard cleaned up from the fall leaves mess. (another preggy excuse) But this wind is helping a lot with that. Well, across the street from me is the cemetery. I always end up trading to a bunch of flower bouquets that end up blown into my yard!!

Honestly though, I am SO ready for spring this year. I may have valid reasons to feel down at times. But this year cloudy, yukky weather is really getting to me, pushing me down in the dumps, as I have been saying. I am really ready for sunshine and beautiful spring colors. What do ya'll think???

God Bless, until next time. And don't forget to sign up for my Giveaway.

Hugs To All

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beware: Picture heavy post and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hello there everyone!! Surprised to see me?? I finally decided its time to start again. First off, I dont know if its my laptop but boy it was hard to move pictures in the right places with creating the post!! Blog wouldnt, even let me drag the images in their right positions. Hmmm!!

I cannot carry on first without a very heart felt Thank You!! to all of you who stuck with me in the past 3 months. Situation didn't change but I am trying hard to move on and not ponder on anything or anyone I cannot change. So thank you, thank you all for kind words, prayers and thoughts. All was dearly appreciated.

I got into sewing again finally. With baby coming and a little pushing on myself, I finally got going on a roll again. So here are some things I worked on in the past few weeks.

One of these bolsters has already sold. Other one is available in my Etsy store.

The following are scented hearts also available in my etsy. Two of them anyway. The other one, read on and you'll see :)
Here is a miniature pink rose I treated myself with last night after I managed to make it out of the house. ( This year we had more then our usuall share of snow storms) Isnt it pretty??

Here is the very first creations for my daughter who will hopefully be joining us in three months. I sewed a scotty pillow from Rachel Ashwell's Mon Ami fabric. I created the pattern from scratch too. What do you think?? I loved making it and I might make more to sell too.

Then there is the flag banner with her name on it. Oh yes!! She already has a name.... Megan
Do you like it?? I have a lot of options for middle name and I am having a hard time picking one.

One trick I like is scanning fabric and printing it on card stock to use for paper crafts like this banner. Any of you recognise the Sweet Sue Yuwa rose on one of the flags??

Here is a sneak peak of what I have going for the Nursery so far.
I got the Candy Patchwork crib set from Rachel Ashwell. I love it!!! Blush Rose balloon shade goes well with it too.

Well you can see other things I got in there. The room is still needing painting and fixing. I cannot wait till I get started with it.

The following has been a long time due. Debi from Life in My Studio hosted a Birthday Giveaway last October. Yah!! Thats how long it took me to get this up. I won this lot of sweetness. Crochet doileys with wonderful hues. And the matching Tag and little bottle cap magnets are so yummy and pretty.

Thank you so much Debi. I love everything I got. And big thank you as well for being a wonderful friend. Hugs to you!!

I wanted to mention that I now have my Facebook Vintage Rose Designs page. So if you are like the many shabby crafters out there that are taking Facebook by storm then please come by and visit me here and become a fan.


And now for the Giveaway.
Yes, to thank you all for being you and sticking with me I decided that since I am back in time for Valentines, I will offer a sweet little Giveaway.

Here is a Lavender Scented Heart, made from Rachel Ashwell fabrics and stuffed with heavenly scented french grown lavender and fluffed with filler.
To enter please leave a comment to this post. International players are welcome too. You can snatch the picture and post it on your blog (eighter post or side bar) then you can come back and leave a second comment for a second chance to win.

Please make sure you leave an email address or anyway I can get a hold of you if you win ;)

Drawing will be on Febuary 14th by a random number generator.


That is all for today. I certainly am glad to be back. I missed blogging so much.
Hope you enjoyed my post and until next time.

Love ya'll

Hugs To All