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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hugs To All

Monday, December 27, 2010

My White Christmas Tree!!

Christmas is past but festivities are not over yet. Saturday will be the first day of the New Year 2011. My my!! How time flies!! This past year has been one that I may always remember. I had to learn to adjust, I gave birth to a new baby girl (now 7 months old). New doors opened for me, a new magazine was born. I started the year in a somber way but I have to say, I am VERY thankful to be ending the year feeling much happier and proud of my accomplishments, proud for standing back up on my own two feet and move on. 
I do not want to forget to thank YOU all for standing by me through all of this. Many of you who stuck with me through the highs and lows, thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Every single comment meant a lot to me and made my day. So THANK YOU xoxox!!!

For the first year, I have put up a 4 ft tall White Christmas Tree. The tree itself was a thrift find for 99cents. Don't you just love those finds? It is my all sparkle, pink and aqua tree. I was having fun yesterday taking random shots of the tree, trying to catch the sparkles and glow, playing with the pictures and I am going to share them with you.

Vintage Tags are created by Kirstie from Adeline Country Cottage. Her work is just gorgeous, down to every detail.  

I created this Marie ornament. I was meant to make more, but could never find the time. I love the way this turned out though. 

Better picture of my Marie ornament.

I did put up a real nest in the tree and nested a glittery bird. Love the ballerina slippers. 

Yeah, you can see me in a funny mirror reflection on each silver ball... =)

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Hugs To All

Monday, December 20, 2010

Creating Vintage Charm: Merry Christmas to all!! We have a Winner!!

Creating Vintage Charm: Merry Christmas to all!! We have a Winner!!: "It's almost here, the day must of us look forward to every year. The kitchen is filled with spicy and fruity smells from all the baking an..."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homemade sugar foot scrubs!!

First time I was introduced to sugar foot scrubs was through my local MOPS group that I go to. We do some small crafty projects every month and this was one of them. I love the homemade body products. You know what is in the product cos you made it, and it does not include harsh chemicals and usually serve the purpose much better then anything processed anyway!! I am a flip flops and barefoot chic and you know what that does to your feet. Mine get really dry but this scrub really works, leaving my feet soft and moisturized, not dry and flaky.

All you need is 1 part (or 1/2 cup olive oil or almond oil)
2 parts sugar (or 1 cup) 
A drop of soap or food coloring (any color you prefer)
 A drop or two of your preferred  essential oils scent 

Combine everything in a bowl and its ready to use.
I soak my feet in warm water and scrub with sugar scrub, until sugar is dissolved then rinse off with warm water and pat dry my feet. 

I looked online for more recipes and there is tons of them. One recipe used one cup of sugar and two tablespoons of lotion. If you're anything like me, I have tons of lotions around my house, some that I buy and a LOT that was gifted to me. More then I can use before it can go bad. So using it as a scrub is a way to go through your lotions faster. 
Here are some sites I found with some nice recipes: http://tipnut.com/homemade-sugar-scrub-recipes/

If you want to jar some Sugar Foot Scrubs as gifts, here is a page I found that gives ideas about extending shelf life for your products. http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/library/preservatives.asp
One of the ingredients that extends shelf like is Rosemary oil extract.

So the last batch I made I put in a jar. I save glass jars and bottles. 
I spray painted the lid in white then I decoupaged it with Rosey tissue paper I have received from my dear friend Debi at Life in my studio. I didn't have the time to, but you can go a step further by adding a pretty tag or label to the jar. 


Doesn't that look like a neat idea for a gift? 
Go ahead and make your own.

Hugs To All

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once upon a dream, coming to NC!!!

Sweet Eye Candy Creation's Jenn is presenting this wonderful event, coming to Asheville, NC in October of 2011. Click on the image above for more details. 

Doesn't it look dreamy, a true fairytale event (sigh....!!)

Hugs To All

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dreaming of Christmas filled with ribbons and feathers!!!

I am very excited about the holidays as you can see. If it wasn't for the kiddos, I would have skipped Halloween all together and starting working on the Christmas tree. I started decorating for Halloween yesterday and I am almost done. And I know that compared to many, I am very mild on that particular holiday decor. 

And how could I not be excited about Christmas, there's the magazine I am working on, bursting with eye candy and I received a package from Kirstie from Adeline Country Cottage all the way from Australia. She is sponsoring my Creative Challenge for Creating Vintage Charm. I will be posting pictures on the magazine blog, of what is going to be included with the Prizes.

I also have been on the hunt for ornaments for the new tree I bought. Yesterday at the thrift store I found a box of these creamy vintage white ornaments and after kiddos went to bed, I starting playing =)

I don't know about you, but most of the time, I start with an idea in my head but it almost never goes that way as soon as I start working and find that this doesn't work, or that will work better. But that the creativity at work right?!!!

I started stamping and glittering the ornaments, like you see the one with the crown. I love it but I wanted more pink so then I pulled out my stashes of ribbon and trims and ribbon roses. 

I just had to add the touch of white feathers!! I love feathers floating on the tree.

Well, it may be that all you will be seeing from here till Christmas, is any more ornaments I will be coming up with. Time is very limited and what time I have is going to be dedicated on filling the tree. Thats my plan anyway. Like I said, who knows where creativity will direct me!!!

Have I ever shown you the little Marie Antoinette Birdhouse?? Its a beauty and I received that from blogging best friend Debi from Life in my Studio in a swap in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art swap.

Well, two year old prince wants to read stories with me so... I will go read the Little Engine that Could and I hope you are inspired to create something fun today... Todolooo!!!

Hugs To All

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little bit of tinkering and a package at my door!!!

Working on a Christmas magazine got me all excited to create a little something for Christmas. In fact, I am excited about the whole holiday season. I get to actually enjoy it for a change. It's looking up so far =)

I was also lucky to be thrifting and found that white Christmas tree, 4 feet of it for 99cents... owh, had to come home with me. I rinsed it in the tub with little dish soap and it could as well feel like its brand new to me. So now I want to pretty it all up for the holidays. I will try and work on some ornaments when I can.  

So I  got started with creating a little birdhouse ornament with a little shine and sparkly. The wooden birdhouse, was also a great find at the dollar store. They rarely have them so when I did see them I snatched a few of them (I = Hoarder)

I covered it with music sheets then for the roof I used actual cotton and sprayed a little glue on it then cover with clear glitters. Added a few ribbon roses and sparkly pipe cleaner thingies and some crystal beads... Stamped the greeting on a small banner and sprinkled that too. Perched a bird all cozy at the door and viola!!!...

Do you remember my other post about the Masquerade Ball Mask? I showed a Ball mask I created for a Marie Antoinette Mail Art group swap. My partner was Mary from The Damsel of Distress blog. 

Well, today I got my beautiful package from Mary with the Oh, SO Gorgeous mask. We did get to tell out partners what our favorite colors are and I did mention, pinks and pastels!!!

So here is what I got today!!!

She also added a few lacie goodies which I'm sure will come handy in any of my creations soon. Thank you Mary!! =)

I love the mask Mary, thank you for being my partner in Marie crime!! 

Thank you for coming by and make sure to hop on to my other blog and check the creative challenge post, with chances to win gorgeous goodies, a free upcoming holiday copy of Creating Vintage Charm and an opportunity to GET PUBLISHED!! See you there!!

Or here!! ;)

Hugs To All