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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It has been a while!! Another Union Jack Pillow and lots of Nostalgia...

Yeah, this has been a long break from blog and I dont think it'll be the first. It has been a busy week or so. I am the new publicist for the MOPS group I go to. So, I am working on flyers and brochures and all that. This would be my third year with the group and I have been truly enjoying the meetings and the moms who attend are a great bunch.

This is also VBS week and my son is enjoying it while I am volunteering as a trail guide for 6 yr olds. My word!! I know why I am not a teacher in my profession. We have had about 14-15 kids in our group with three adults. The first night, they are all very quiet and timid, getting used to what is going on and to all the new kids in their group. That only last two nights, then theyre teasing and poking, and "oh, he said this to me..." or "she pushed me...." I get home and I'm ready to crash.... If only they can bottle their energy and give me some...!!

Last week I did manage to get a pillow done....shame on me. ONE pillow!! A nice one anyway, that I have listed in my Etsy here. I have sold my Marie sachet, away to Luxembourg she went along with a cameo Victorian sachet ... and my Vintage inspired apron found a new home too.

Oh, I have to show you what I recieved last week from the island of Hawaiiiiiii!! I was twice lucky, this years cottage charm giveaway. I received these candle sticks from lovely Kennesha of Me and My House. Shes so sweet, she also included some fabrics for me, I love the Amy Butler piece she sent and the other pieces are cute too. Thank you so much Kennesha. The candlesticks look great with the pretty little crown tag.

On this post I also wanted to share with you, a book that I had bought on my last visit two years ago, to Malta. It is one of my favorite books. The author Carmelina was born in 1924 in Malta and she gathered a book with old photos of the island and people and events, including, visits from the British Royal family, (Malta was part of the colony at the time) and WW2. Here are just a few of the pictures in the book.

The following photo is in the city of Valletta, People waiting in line for bread, April 1942. During WW2 bread was rationed to 12oz per person per day.

Another photo of people waiting in line for their meal in what they called the Victory Kitchen. I had to show the picture. You see a ladies wearing the tradional Maltese Faldetta made of Black Silk or Cotton. Of course, its just history now.

Another interesting photo, Princess Elizabeth, December 1950. Just in case, she is now Queen of England :)

Picnic gathering c.1935

Cute photo of children wearing Carnival costumes.

Boy Scouts, c.1930

The Maltese winery, Marsovin. Still making wine to this day.

The branch office for the only brewery on the island. The brewery is still known by the earopeans to this day for their Cisk Lager...
This photo shows the statue of Queen Victoria. It survived the bombing in March 1941. The statue was unveiled in 1891. The statue faces Cafe Cordina and is surrounded by the Cafe's tables. I worked at this cafe myself, about 13 years ago.
I have to say, malta has changed a lot. Everytime I go back, I notice how small and conjested it is getting. Growing up there, it was so different. This book keeps the memories of what it used to be as opposed to what it turned into now. I still remember the ladies walking the streets with the huge vintage basinett on wheels. They put buckets of fresh fish in them (after they were done raising their babies in them of course) and they walked the streets selling fish early in the morning. I would wake up to the lady, yelling at the top of her lungs, that shes here and how fresh was todays fish...!! My Nannu, also was a milk sales man during and after the war... He walked the streets with his goat, selling milk by the cup...

Here he is with my Nanna in their yard.

They had 13 children. My dad one of the youngest. Four of his brothers moved to Australia, years ago. So now I have lots of cousins in Australia and Malta. I'm the one to extend the family branch to the US.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading and learning a little bit more about me and my family and where I come from... Hope I didnt bore you that is and stop coming by. I just have been very nostalgic lately.

I am leaving now to work on my swaps. Sorry, can't reveal much yet till I at least send them out.

Hugs To All

Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering those days!!

For my older prince's birthday we bought him a quick set pool. He had it set up in our yard, then we realised the land sloped some and pool was sideways. My hubby mowed the lawn so this thing had grass in it. Soooo, I spent a good chunk of my weekend, emptying it, cleaning it, moving it, and setting it back up and getting it running again. When I was done my son jumped right in and he wanted company. After all the work I put into it, I didn't think twice. This pool is not the biggest. Its 8 feet wide and 30 inches deep. But hey, it was warm and the water was so tempting so I changed and just floated in it on a doughnut...LOL...boy I felt like falling asleep, it felt so nice and I was comfortable too. I love the water and I miss the ocean. Summers in Malta growing up, we were at the beach anytime my dad wasn't working. Here I am in my blue Bikini... playing on a boat on the shore with my sister, far left, to her right is my younger brother and two cousins and me far right.

The when I grew a little older I took to scuba diving. I dived around the islands, several dives. Shipwrecks from WW2 and tugboats. Boy, it was fun!! I was quite a beach bumm too...LOL. There I go in my red bikini... I'm stoked with this picture because I will never show me wearing beach wear now.

Now, I settle to a ring of water in the yard... Guess you can say, you can take the girl out of the island, but you can never take the island out of the girl =)

Well after all that wading I didn't do much in my studio. I did play around a bit with dying and staining some flowers and trims and a couple of birds. The flowers above where tea stained then picked a few and color stained them too. I love the way they turned out.

The flowers by the bird where coffee stained, I do like the deeper stain of coffee but not a fan of the smell. I am still trying to find a way or better coffee to use. I also stained the bird, he was white. I want to go to a lighter blue next time but have a few more to play with and I still like this pretty feathered friend now sitting on my vanity.

These trims, I have loads of. So I decided to stain some of them and make a few cards. The Ad Image came from Shabby Chic Papirskatter and its now one of my photoshop brushes. I love it and I'll use it again ...

Well, I thank you again for coming by and read my ramblings...

Hugs To All

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet Miss Alice

Like I have mentioned before, I am currently helping a couple of ladies get set up online. Today I am going to introduce you to Miss Alice.

I met Miss Alice, where else but at a Tea Party she helped host for MOPS (moms of pre schoolers) She came in with loads of vintage hats, boas, pretty china... Of course, when tea was done with, we got talking and oh boy!! She sews, shes an interior designers and loves everything vintage, particularly Victorian and she can treasure hunt like the best of them... She is a total sweet heart, full of ideas and creativity. We have so much in common.

She has sewn all her life, had a career in interior design and now she runs a teaparty business, tea parties that she hosts at Miss Alice's Place. But she also has a large collection of purses, vintage finds, pillows, furniture and treasures, some she designed and made and some she found, that are ready to find a new home. I encouraged her to get online, particularly blog. She will find out that she is not alone. She also wanted to know more about etsy ;)

I went to her tearoom and home and when I stepped in, I felt I had stepped back in time. You have to see it to believe it....

She has a huge collection of vintage clothing including shoes, hats, gowns from early 1900's and other accessories. A collection that she had been started on long long time ago. I was truly amazed by it all.
Vignette in her studio...

Powder room =)

Above is her Tearoom. Tea parties are by appointment.

Gowns hanging in her studio.

A chair she redid. I love it.

And following are more of her creations...

She is very creative. Her blog is now up and running. She is still learning her way around the internet in general. But we are working on her getting used to running etsy and blog. Yes, she will have an etsy store. It will be grand I tell you that.

So I would like to ask you to please please go visit her at her blog Miss Alice's Creations and welcome her to blogland and give your words of encouregment to her. She is so new to this and I think it would mean so much to her if you say hello.

Thank you.

Ok, moving on to another thing I mentioned yesterday is the new pages I finished on my altered book.

These pages feature Francois Bouchers 'An Autumn Pastoral' and Jean Baptiste Greuze's 'A White Hat'. I love Francois's romantic setting and scene with the couple by a fountain in the garden. The lady in white hat is a pretty lady with beautiful features. To think that this is to her what a photograph is to us. But with much more work and skill put into her portrait of course.

I stamped script writing on fabric. I'm starting to really like stamping and have a few already. I especially like Tim Holtz collections.

Above is some lavender from my garden. Not a lot but my gardening was not my top priority this year. I love the smell of lavender... I might dry this tiny bunch and put it in my book too.

I am just noticing that somehow my post is coming up with two font colors. I am not sure how it happened but I do not dare go fix it because as crazy as blogger can get sometimes, I do not want to loose the whole post. As it HAD HAPPENED before and I was not very happy about that.

Thank you for coming by today and taking your time to read and leave comments. I Love to hear from all of you. I had been so wrapped up this week with my oldest prince starting summer vacation that I did not do a whole lot of visiting your blogs. So the next few days I plan on doing some catching up. So expect me to come by.

Hugs To All

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lucky gal and a trade call =)

I am sitting here, 11 at night. I am ready for bed but I thought I write a short post. I have been lucky at the Cottage Charm Giveaway to win ONE of my favorite giveaways even... I was so excited to open up my package and unwrap these.These are my gifts from Shari at My Cottage of Bliss. Please visit her blog, you will not regret it. Its very inspiring and there is also a very informative tutorial if you are fixing to paint your next shabby chic piece of furniture.
The plate is really pretty. I Love Bavarian china...!! And the phone.... oh, it is a very unique piece in my book and I love it. I think it looks great with the little ...hmm, well...its a soap dish but I want it in my studio not in the bathroom. Its a clawfoot tub with roses. Maybe its a start of a porcelain pieces with pink roses collection.

OK, I finally took that loooong trip, (its about 35 miles I think) to the nearest city so go to the book store for my copy of Marie. Bahhhh!! They didn't have it...grrrrrr. I bought the Sew Somerset and ran out. Well, I like it and it has a lot of inspiring projects in it but remembering the previous issue. There where some works featured that I loveedd. Seemed like they were right down my alley. So if anyone reading this has that issue and want to trade.... I'm game

To be specific... The following is the issue I'm looking for...

This following is a scetch I really wanted to show off. I tried to scetch Marie Antionette's chemise, that she is wearing, if you look at my logo above, in that picture... it may not be exact but I was thrilled. I also scetched the swags on top and bottom. Not too shabby huh?? OK, I did the scetch on a writing journal thinking , owh, its just a scetch and I'm probably going to make a crappy job of it anyway but when I was done, owh, I was mad... So I scanned and PS'ed it and also added a little to it and here it is...

I have finished another page in my altered book this evening, but lighting was bad being it got late so I didn't bother taking pictures. I will tommorrow morning though and I look forward to share.

I'm off the get some beauty sleep.

Hugs To All

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Crown...

...Is one I share with my bear Fifi. It was my bridal shower crown
Look at her!! She sure is happy to be crowned and pampered.
I am joining a party hosted by Vintage Bella Studio where we are all Queens for a day and show off our crown. Click here for a complete list of all participants showing off their glimmer pieces.
I also wanted to reassure you that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Last week of school is always a hassle trying to get things done before my oldest prince is staying home too. Now I am off to cuntinue working on a project I started last night and I am very excited about. Unfortunatly for you I cannot share any info just yet because its for a swap I'm in and no peeking for the partner...=)
I will be back soon though cos I do have some things I need to share with you all.
Hugs To All

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pompadour Bags!!

As the end of school year closes in, it always tends to get a little busy around here. Trying to get things done and doing some more sewing before my older prince is home to rule!!! I have been working at the theatre again for a drama play, 'Battle of Shiloh'. Me and my friend Cari painted a flat for the play that opens on Friday.

Cari is a very wonderful friend of mine, she is a blessing. Her and her husband who is a Pediatrician and their two little boys, travel to parts of Africa on missionary trips every year where they help in clinics and ministries. Here is her blog she started recently where she will be journaling their missionary trips in the very near future. Their next trip is a two month trip and they leave on Tuesday to Togo, West Africa. I'm gonna miss you Cari.

Currently I have also been busy helping out two friends of mine, also crafters and sewers, on getting set up online. Amanda is also my future sister-in-law. She makes coin purses and she has sold them all around town. I am going to sell some of her purses in my Etsy store. In the meantime, I will be helping her to get a paypal and store going for herself.

Well, here is somethings I have been working on lately to put in my Etsy store. These are make-up, toiletries drawstring pompadour bags and they are tall enough to hold tall shampoo or lotions bottles. Pretty to decorate your bathroom or could be used as travel bags too.

They could be used for anything really. They are about 12" high. They were so much fun to make. I am also going to list my apron from my previous post on Etsy, hoping someone would love to give it a new home in their kitchen. I will be working on listings for the rest of the day today. Fun Fun!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful creative week. I will come by to see what you are up to.

Hugs To All