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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Union Jack Pillow Giveaway!!!

OK, I said on my last post that this will be my 30th post. Wow!! I hosted a giveaway on my 10th post. Somehow I missed the 20th celebration. But just cos... I'm hosting a Giveaway.

Who says there needs to be a reason to host one anyway. They are lots of fun. So here is the price!!

Yes, It is my prototype of Union Jack Pillow with the Royal Crown on Wings Stamp, measuring approx 15" x 12". Filler will not be included but it has a zipper on the bottom, so you can eighter just stuff the pillow itself or come up with a simple 12"x15" filler. (On the pictures, its simply stuffed with some batting I had kickin around)

I have been fiddling with this pillow for a while. I made it from scraps of Rachel Ashwell fabrics I had and its not perfect...at all. Its zig zagged stitched. It is definetly shabby though and very pretty looking, all put together. I also wanted to experiment with stamping on fabric. Hence the crown on wings. The stamping job came out grungy looking too, an effect I wasn't aiming for but "Hey...looks good!!". I washed it and it washed very well.

Drawing will be on the 5th of April by a number generator. I hope to send it out to the winner to receive it by Easter. So if you want this pillow as a threat for Easter, all I ask is for you to post about this giveaway on your blog and then leave me a comment on this post. Feel free to take any of the pictures above.

I wish everyone Good Luck!!

I am going to enjoy the rest of my sunday and get ready for the girls night out!! ...No, not going to pull an all nighter. Getting too old for that, I do need my beauty sleep, especially now chasing after a little one. But me and my girl friends do threat ourselves to a nice, long, dinner every once in a while. We deserve it!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Busy Week!

Shame to say, this is my first post this week. I have been busy really and not done yet. I am currently working on some custom pillows that I promised to finish by the end of the week. Actually, I have lots of things in progress right now. Some I need to get rolling on seriously but I had to stop and smell the roses on blogland. Here is two items I parted with this week. One I just heard arrived safely and very well enjoyed =) I had to take pictures of the tags I like to slightly fiddle with. Nothing special but I am really tickled by them.

Another project I have going, is my website C. Crafts & Collectibles. For those who started following me from my older blog, might remember that I do have an e-store that I have run for almost 4 years now and still very well kicking. I have though been slowly slacking with updates of my products and everything else. So last week I decided that I need to go in there and start working on a complete overdo, graphics and everything. I will be liquidating some items and bringing in fresh stuff and leaning more then ever in shabby cottage chic and victorian items. But I will mostly be promoting my creations. I didn't do that as much before, shame on me. Old site is still up but I suggest, if you want to visit to wait a week or two for new one. I will post about it when its ready. In the mean time, here is a preview of my graphics I designed for the new look. What do you think huh??
Besides that and more that I have going on, I did manage to sneak in some sewing for my Etsy store. Here are two Easter Decorative Hanging Pillows that I made with Vintage Easter Postcard Appliques. Both decorated with crochet lace and spring colored buttons. I will be posting these on Etsy tonight or tommorrow morning.

So... I hope you enjoyed my post with the pretties of this week. Last Giveaway I hosted was my 10th post on this blog. My next post would be the 30th so...
...You better come back cos I got something good coming up!!! ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An awesome giveaway!!

Talented Kristin is hosting a Giveaway At

Click on the image to go to the post. Good Luck!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Apron

I finished the apron this evening. It would have been done earlier if I wasn't missing some supplies. With the excuse of the supplies, I ended up strolling downtown at the fabric shops and antique stores. I didn't make that much damage to my pocket... the fabric stores are very limited in fabrics, that I really like anyway. Theyre good for last minute, "I need this or that..."

Anyway, back to the apron. Its a half apron with the same fabrics I used for the crafting apron. I love the way it goes on like an A line skirt and ties in the front. I hardly use apron but something like this would change my mind. Well, this one is going to Etsy but its certainly something I would be doing again.

I'm so tickled with the idea I got of using a crochethed doily for a pocket. I sewed it on using white ricrac to support it better.

Jeeez!! It got cold again but still sunny so at least keeps the bright cheery mood up. Weather really does effect my mood lately. I catch myself dragging on rainy days.

Well, TGIF and kids are asleep so I'm off to take a nice warm bubbly bath... Later Gals

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look what I just got!!

Oh, I seriously haven't got this more then an hour ago. I am so excited I had to share. I recieved my Cath Kidston magazine in the mail this morning... Ohhh's and Ahhh's want to whip out my debit card and start ordering, doing damage. Ya know what I'm sayin'!?

Oh, Look at that pile of pretty fabric. (so sorry the pix came out little blurry)

Aren't these bags, to die for though??!!

These are only 5 pages of gorgeouseness out of a 100. You can too have your own copy for FREE by going here.

OK, so far I just flipped through it. I need to go make me a cuppa tea and sit on my comfy chair and study this catalogue closely...


Monday, March 16, 2009

My Weekend Projects!!

This weekend has been rainy and ugghhh!! muddy. Just wish I could sleep trough rainy days. That would be nice. But if I have to get up then crafting my day in would be OK too. I worked on some mixed media cards. I can only show one because the others are going out in swap packages. But here is the pretty fan girl. I love the way it came out. I will have to make a few more and put them on etsy.

OK, I have been using my own home milled soap for some time now. And since I started making it, no other soap will do. They're rich in lather and oh, do I like the scents. I also like to mix in some tea leaves in my soap, like chamomile calming tea or mint. Below are two kinds of soap. One is Vanilla and Pomegranate with chamomile tea leaves. The other is Lavender with calming essential oils, also has chamomile tea leaves in it. Believe it or not, making soap was my husbands idea. he thought that's something I should do as craft and also suggested I start a soap business. So far I haven't shared my soap with anyone beyond family and they all love it. Mainly because batches where small. Hopefully next batch will be big enough to share with anyone. Besides smelling beautiful, I also like to show off my pink cameo rose soap on the bathroom shelve in the pink boa basket =).

And speaking of soap, I did actually win a Giveaway!!! Unbelievable, since I hardly ever win anything. But I won this Vintage Soap Poster from Debbie at Glory Feathers, Star light, and, Roses.
Thank you so much Debbie, I love it and I am already on the look out for a frame that compliments it.

Well, that's it for today. I hope y'all have a great week. It is supposed to get nice and warm here on the east coast again by Wednesday... Can't wait.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally Done!!

Ok!!! We worked and painted for 2 weeks, scetching and planning and everything for the stage. "Beauty and the Beast" musical opens friday night and we finished the stage yesterday. I had a couple of props I needed to whip up at short notice right when costume rehersals started coming together. Today wednesday, is the first day, where me and Cari didn't have to worry about last touch up painting or props. We been working on props for 2 months. Anyway, so here is the stage.

We were in charge mainly of the castle. Belle's Bedroom is far left, west wing is the middle section and on the right is the library. Library is covered, ready for the scene where Beast gifts it to Belle. I will try and post some pictures of the whole stage, maybe in action. How do you like the stone work around the fireplace and the shading through out the stage?

These are some props I made. Some pictures might be repetitive from previous posts. I just wanted to put everything together.

Enchanted objects.

I also made a plate but couldn't find it on stage. I guess the dancer took it home.

Belle's dinner, Cari made a paper mache turkey, it looks really good. I really need to take more pictures. I did most of these at my house.

Me fooling around on stage with a wig. =) Cari too, as a silly girl. (where is Gaston) I just noticed my glasses have paint spot on em. Oh, well!!

We had fun!! Sometime, I will have to tell you about the haunting in the theatre. But not today =)

Anyway, today at home, I wanted to get back into sewing. It was really hard for me to kick in and get started for some reason but I finally did. I sewed this apron for my etsy store. Its a crafting apron, to carry scissors, paint brushes, pencils, whatever... I used pink and more pink, roses and more roses. I love the way it came out. Hope someone would want to enjoy having things handy in a pretty pink apron.

Well, I will go enjoy whats left of today. Thank you for visiting and reading about what I have been up to. Don't forget to leave your comments so I'll come by and visit you too.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Library, Inspirational books I own

I have finally came across a neat way to show you my collection of beautiful inspirational books I own. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog you will find my bookshelf. Those are most of the books I own. I am working on making sure I have all of the books there. And wow!! do I see 40 books in there, I didn't know I had that much until I put this together!!! And I have a few not mentioned there, that are out borrowed and need to be returned. Lol!! I hope you like it and if you see any books you would like my review on or some pix, dont hesitate to ask.
If you dont want to scroll, you can also view it Here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday's Projects

Well, who would have thought, we start the week with snow and end it with 80 F weather. It has been a gorgeous weekend. Love it, nice warm breeze, open the windows, welcome spring air in and hear the birds chirp. Ahhh, wonderful!!!

I tried to take it easy, of course had to find something to do. I couldn't help it but I had to make some more faux cupcakes since the previous batches I made went to the theatre, so being in time for Easter I whipped up some Easter Faux Cupcakes. I had found the cupcake stand for $3 at a goodwill store in nasty green paint so I of course sprayed it white. Its a sweet sight. My hubby kept pretending he was going to dip his finger in my bowl of batter... =)

And this tray? you ask!!... Lets just say, Dr Pepper is not my problem anymore. The shabby chic organized redoers did him in. ;)

Ya, ok, its me... We moved into the house and found this tray, a vintage Dr Pepper tray with a Lion drinking Dr Pepper, not sure why I never got rid of it... maybe I thought I can sell it on ebay for a fortune... ya, right!!! Never got around to that, so the tray just sat in my sunroom, a sore sight, until yesterday, I figured if this tray is going to stick around then might as well make it worth having... So, sorry Dr Pepper!!!

Its not a sore spot in my sunroom anymore!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easter / Spring Swap

Interested in an Easter/ Spring swap? Well, sweet Noelle of Lil' Bits and Pieces of Me is hosting one and sign ups are up today so hurry in an sign up and join the fun. I know I am!!!

And the Winner Is.....

.... Envelope please.....

Erm, Aidan please....

Its, Lori from Pink Faded Roses.

Congratulations Lori

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Posted today!!

Finally finished ONE of the tons of projects started or planned. Been working on this lampshade for a while now, since my time at home has been very limited but I finished it today and it's in my Etsy store already. Its a lampshade covered in Rachel Ashwell fabric print Rosalie and trimmed with eyelet ribbon. Its complete with a ceramic pink lamp. It is perfect for a little pink princess' room. I also posted a Victorian heart sachet. Yepp, I was in a Victorian mood that day. I love cameos and have a few collected, buttons and such. Here is one of them completed with pearls. Lovely thing!!!

Don't forget, Giveaway sign ups are up tonight and tomorrow my, now 10 months old cute as a button assistant will draw a winner. Good Luck Ya'll


Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to this world!!!

Kierstan Elizabeth
Born Saturday at 4.59 am
Weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces

Welcome to this world, my niece from hubby's side. Kierstan has a headfull of dark soft hair and she is precious. I held her on saturday, such a tiny little sweetheart. I did see her blue eyes while holding her. She slept the rest of the time we were there. She is going to be spoiled and thats for sure.

I also wanted to show off my three nieces in my side of the family. They are my oldest brother's girls. They live very far from us, on the island of Malta and we don't get to see them as often as we wish. The one in the middle is SaraMari, 7 years old. The two on the side are identical set of twins, Rebekka and Martina, five years old.

I didn't sew very much lately due to being really busy at the theatre and not to mention the little time I did had yesterday, my two sewing machines and all the nifty gadgets that go with them, claimed war against me. Broke four needles and they didn't produce a single decent stitch so I let them win the war.... yesterday!!

I will go back though, they don't know it, but I will go back and put them in their place.

So I painted eggs instead. A couple of plastic eggs, normally used for egg hunts, I painted them light blue and drizzled brown paint on them. I was begining to get inspired for spring colors.

I bought the sign from the dollar store. Its pink so I had to have :)

Then I woke up this morning to the bright glow in the house reflecting from snow outside. I loved it!! Not a single flurry all season and we get snow in march. How do you like them apples?

Of course, Tristan wanted to go out and play in the snow. Here is him with his new friend Frosty.

Heading right to me with a snowball and he got me good too!!!

I leave you with a few more photos I took. It has been a very long post that I had to make TWICE I might add. I was almost done the first time when i tried to highlight to fix font and lost EVERYTHING!!!! arhhhgggg!!! Enough talk!! TTFN!!