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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Pillow Set in store!!

Thank you all for your best wishes and comments from my previous announcement. Everyone I told, all said the same thing....about maybe finally having a girl. Well, even after two boys, this house doesn't lack pink but I try to keep it low and spread...:) Except for my studio of course. And if a girl does join us, then an even better excuse and partner in crime for more pink!! teheee. And if it is a boy, then I just keep the pink in my studio. Boys are wonderful too.
I managed to finish a pillow set this week that I posted on etsy today. I have to say these pillows are the favorites of all pillows I made. I love the large bouquet of pink roses.
Don't you?
Hope you all are having a wonderful week. We will be leaving town Thursday to West Virginia and plan on taking my parents to Washington DC. Yayy!! A break I so desperately need.

Hugs To All


Stephanie said...

Lovely. Someone will snatch those right up!

Elyse said...

what? when? how did i miss a post? and sounds like a very big post at that! i will have to investigate the archives! congratulations!!!

the pillow are beautiful.

have a great trip!

i want to post about my win soon - i just am pacing it (cuz i've been on a winning streak)


Cottage Rose said...

OH Sonia; Congratulations on the big news,,, I hope you have a little Pink Girl,, but you are right boys are great too.... Love your pillows they won't last long.... have a great week


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh, how pretty are they! Have fun on your getaway....and even with boys you can add the pink at home...you gotta raise them to be men that "don't gag on the mention of it"..LOL

My Thomas loves pink everywhere...he's the next to oldest of 8 children...I think he learned to iron, cook, do laundry at a very young age. :0) What a catch!! LOL

Have fun,

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Sonia, just read your posts! First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! Atleast you didn't cry at the doctor's office when you found out (like I did). I too thought that was it. I had 2, even though I originally wanted 4, but Ryan my first put me off that idea. I had even sold everything. But I thank God for having him though. My family feels complete.I know what ever you have will be a blessing! Loving those cushions, will have to check out your etsy shop. Have a great trip, take care, Maryann

Debra said...

These are lovely! Have fun on your trip. I am totally bumming out because my fan partner "flaked" out on me. I have heard nothing from her and received nothing from her. Should have realized from the start when I could not reach her. Hope you finally got all your tags from MA swap.

Floss said...

Oh, Sonia, your lovely giveaway prize has arrived! I am going to do a 'thank you' post about it now, but I just want to reassure you that it has arrived and everything in it is absolutely lovely. Thanks so much,


Sares said...

Oh Congratulations! What wonderful news for you, now that you've adjusted! I suppose it cannot come as a COMPLETE surprise if you weren't taking steps to prevent it, but it sounds like it gave you a little jolt none the less. I have a cousin that went the same route and she now has 3 little ones under 3! Needless to say, she finally put a permanent stop to it after she got her little girl the last go round.
I wish you and baby a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth!

Kate said...

WOW I've just discovered your blog it is stunning, so pretty I love it all, also congrats on your news as a mum of 4 boys the last being twins, I can safely say whatever you have is a blessing.xxx
Take care

Stephenie said...

Congrat's, What wonderful news..
I went and checked out the fan you made, and it looks sooooooo pretty.. You did an amazing job!!
I also love the fan and all the treasures Sarah sent you.. What a fun swap..