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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farewell clean studio, now back to work!!

Yepp, thats right, didnt last long. Now I have paper all over the floor, and remember the table? Yepp, now buried under again.

I am working on a swap, Debi was so sweet to agree on doing this with me. We are working on a paper shoe. If you have Marie, the Stampington magazine, you'll know what I'm talking about. You can also see it wide open on my table there. And Debi, if youre reading this and looking for the shoe on that table... You're not gonna see it grrrl!! Would you think I would leave it there??

It took me a while to start with it. Not sure if it is just me or it happens to everyone who creates. First, it takes me forever to decide the basics, if its a sewing project then....Which fabric am I going to use?? Yeah, I pull fabric out and more fabric out, then I give up and come back later... same with paper project, pull paper out, pictures... Oh the process is woooohhhh, make up my mind allright!! TODAY!!!??

Until I pick those basics and cut, then oh!! Its a breeze from there... Once I know the basics then I start Oh Lala ing around the room oh, yes, this looks lovely, and that may do, and giggle oh, this is perfect!!! I love it.... Squeel here and there!!

Yepp thats me!!

Anyway, I am off to work some more, I am having too much fun. I also have a great idea for a swap. I have never organized a swap before but I'm getting hooked on swaps... Teheee!! Thinking about a swap for another accessorie you see a lot of in 18th Century Fashion....
hint hint!! Let me know if you are curious!!

Hugs To All


LillySue said...

Glad to see you are having some fun! I cheated on my studio shots....I just moved some of my piles to the living room, heehe! Now my clutter is back too.

debi @ life in my studio said...

lol You're so funny Sonia! Did you really think I would try and peek? *wink*
If you organize a swap, I'd LOVE to participate...I'm getting hooked too. And you have totally peaked my curiosity.

Caleen said...

Love that you are making messes and creating beautiful things. I love swaps too. Just as long as my partner doesn't skip town and forget me.. It has happened a few times.. :( I will be excited to see what you make.. Have fun.. Love your blog.. Take care..

Elyse said...

hi sonia!

i am so behind in my blogging!

i am doing a swap with debi, too!!! she is brilliant. i just need to find the time to have fun wrapping everything up.

i am becoming quite the FAN of swaps myself. am i close?


Punk Rose Journal said...

I have never done a swap before! When you have it ready, please let me know, I would love it! An accessory from tha time period..hmm..I am curious ( I think like Elyse, a FAN swap) I love your Studio Table, it's perfectly cluttered like mine ~ And where can I get a Marie Magazine? Have a great day sweets ~ xo Sherri

Le_Vintage said...

Oh what a clever and creative idea sonia I just love it! I wish I had the know how to make those beautiful shoes. have a lovely day

Le Vintage