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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Rococo Fan Swap!!!

Ok, here we go everyone!! Another fun swap. I am so excited about this.
I have came across some very gorgeous Handmade Creative Fans on Flickr. Fabulous,Shabby Chic and Ritzy, Rococo, Marie Antionette style. I have seen them done with fabric, stamping, collage and vintage embellishments... possibilities are endless. Are you exicted yet??
We will be swapping a Rococo, French Vintage Chic or Marie Antionette style fan. All three styles are pretty close and open many creative windows.
If you are not sure what I am talking about, take a look at the Stampington and Co. website here and there is a pattern for the fan to start with. You can use that and alter width and such to your fancy!! Fans make a wonderful decorative display.
OK, are you ready to play? I am asking for no more then 20 participants since this will be the first swap I organized and I want it to go smoothly. I am going to accept sign ups till August 7th, then Saturday I draw partners and send out info. Each participant will be swapping one Yummy Decorated Fan with their assigned partner. Edited to add, Fans should be mailed out by the 28th of August. That is 4 weeks from now. Thanks for bringing it up Marianne. Swap is open to anyone who wants to participate, US and overseas.
A few points
  • Please make sure your fan base is sturdy card stock to hold nicely. No one would like to recieve a crumpled fan in the mail.
  • Fan should at least be 8 inches long per panel.
  • If like any fan it folds/closes then it would be easier and cheaper to ship. If its heavy on embellishments and wont fold then its going to cost more to ship. So keep that in mind.
  • Padded envelopes will safely deliver your masterpiece in one piece.
  • When signing up, please, please, I would really appreciate it if you can just include your email with your comment. Sign up with this post ONLY.
  • If after you have been assigned a partner, you need to leave town or something comes up and you cannot make it... Please! let me know... I dont bark. At least I can try and work something out for your partner. Even if I have to make two fans. You wont be twisting my arm. I do not want anyone to be dissapointed.
  • After you sign up, please send me an email at giftshop@ccraftscollectibles.com with your address and mention wether you would be willing to ship overseas. In case we do have participants outside US.
  • I am not going to put any money limit on this but be creative. Don't send anything you do not want to recieve.

OK, I think I covered the important points. Sorry, I know theyre the boring part of a swap post but has to be done, ya know!!?...If you feel I missed something, please let me know. Feel free to use the image above to post on your blog and spread the word.

So lets have some fun, lets keep it safe and friendly... I'm already designing in my head...

Swap Sign ups are closed- Thank you

Hugs To All

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farewell clean studio, now back to work!!

Yepp, thats right, didnt last long. Now I have paper all over the floor, and remember the table? Yepp, now buried under again.

I am working on a swap, Debi was so sweet to agree on doing this with me. We are working on a paper shoe. If you have Marie, the Stampington magazine, you'll know what I'm talking about. You can also see it wide open on my table there. And Debi, if youre reading this and looking for the shoe on that table... You're not gonna see it grrrl!! Would you think I would leave it there??

It took me a while to start with it. Not sure if it is just me or it happens to everyone who creates. First, it takes me forever to decide the basics, if its a sewing project then....Which fabric am I going to use?? Yeah, I pull fabric out and more fabric out, then I give up and come back later... same with paper project, pull paper out, pictures... Oh the process is woooohhhh, make up my mind allright!! TODAY!!!??

Until I pick those basics and cut, then oh!! Its a breeze from there... Once I know the basics then I start Oh Lala ing around the room oh, yes, this looks lovely, and that may do, and giggle oh, this is perfect!!! I love it.... Squeel here and there!!

Yepp thats me!!

Anyway, I am off to work some more, I am having too much fun. I also have a great idea for a swap. I have never organized a swap before but I'm getting hooked on swaps... Teheee!! Thinking about a swap for another accessorie you see a lot of in 18th Century Fashion....
hint hint!! Let me know if you are curious!!

Hugs To All

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Saturday

I have missed out on a lot of Pink Saturdays. I have been way too busy with summer, trying to keep my boys busy and happy. We couldn't do any trips so I try to find things to do here localy and get together with friends so kids can play. So Blogging sadly for me, takes the back burner in the summer. My studio is deserted more often too.

Sometimes when I am too tired to be looking around for supplies and prep for creating anything, the way I can let my creativity flow is by playing with my Photoshop programm. I love it!!

So I decided to created something for Pink Saturdays, using my most favorite pink gowns from Carlotta. Her costumes in The Phantom of the Opera makes me drool. And that piled up hair do!! I mean, Amazing!!! Do you notice the heart shaped gap in the middle of her hair-do with those pink birds kissing in front of it!! I just love it!! Makes me chuckle how cute that is!!

Hop on over to Beverly's for more pinkness.

Have a great weekend, lovely ones!!

Hugs To All

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Where Bloggers Create", Its party time!!!

Well hello there!! Come on right in...

Welcome to my humble little studio, my "Mom Only" room. So here is some tea for you and some fresh homemade cookies... Grab the cup and take a look around...

So here is my studio. I have only had this space for about 4 months now. Before that I worked off the dining room table. Until we moved the boys in same room so I can have a studio. My main craft is sewing but here lately I have been enjoying my experimenting with paper crafts, collages and such.

The vanity is where my laptop sits. That is where I spend a lot of time...

Goodies on the shelf are mostly little gifts or artwork from fellow bloggers. except for the rococo shoe. That is my creation.

Hehe!! My loot!!

Fabric, lace, trim and ribbon storage. Below I have two drawers where I keep craft paint.

I don't throw anything away, don't I! Check what the lace is wrapped around!

Pillows and other goodies, ready for a new home sit on top of the hutch.

This is another storage hutch. Above in the glass doors I keep my buttons, beaded trims, lots and lots more trims and lace finds. My collection of favorite books to spark the inspiration. Below I store more fabric and other misc. supplies, brushes, canvas and so on...

My board, more artwork from fellow bloggers and inspirations and goodies.
The white wicker basket holds my pins, needles, sewing scissors, cutters and other sewing goods.
Marie here, keeps me in line. She makes sure I make things right and pretty. Eh Marie, what do you say!!?

Well, here are my precious sewing machines... Ready to get started on the new project, whatever that is!!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio. So glad you came by for some tea. If you want to see more pretty spaces then hop on to My Desert Cottage for a complete list of all other artists and creative loving people who are showing their space today...

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Hugs To All

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Tag Fun!!

This is going to be quiet a short post. Just wanted to share some eye candy. Must post eye candy on my blog. That is what keeps it interesting. I finished a set of two tags that I now posted in my etsy store.

Make sure you come by on Friday for the Where Bloggers Create party. I am going to be busy tommorrow getting ready.

Hugs To All

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swap anyone??

I have just been so blehhh lately!! Gosh, I come in my studio and I want to do something but no idea what or where to start. I really need something to get me going. I have tried looking at blogs for driving inspiration and when I do that I end up blog surfing endlessly. Last thing I worked on was this banner, Paris. I worked on this last weekend. It is made out of brown paper bags I got from the store with frozen foods, a stash that is growing, and I felt that was my way of going green and repurpose the bags.

I was working on a couple of swaps but those are now over. I am still recieving Marie tags. I have about 4 of them now. I will post pictures later.
How about you? Do you want to swap? I really need something to get me going. Collage, tag, banner, mini book, somethinggggg!? I have a lot of french rococo art, illustrations ,vintage graphics, photos, scrapbooking material, just need motivation.
Now I am hooked and have been enjoying all the art coming in the mail.
Anyone game, leave a comment. I'll be waiting.
PS. Perhaps you know of a swap that I dont know of, please let me know!!!

Hugs To All

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Marie Antionette Parade of Tags

I had been wanting to post this post for a while now and I just couldn't wait to share. Oh, I've had so much fun doing this. Its the Marie Antoinette Tag Swap that Arielle from Le Vintage hosted. The tags are all in the mail, randomly addressed so I dont even know whos getting which.

So I had to created 10 tags to swap with 10 other bloggers. I have not done tags before, ever but I've seen so many pretty ones in blogland. I thought that I will probably end up doing them all the same, cos I wont know what to come up with. But alas, I was wrong!! I may have used the same Marie portrait in a few but not a single one is like the other.

I did use a lot of stamping. I love it.

I also found a Vintage Book about Marie Antoinette online that I bought for next to nothing. I got it for 49c!!!! Can you believe it??! Its Marie Antionette, Portrait of a women by Stefan Zweig, copy from the 1930's.

Here are variations of the back of the tags.
I tea dyed the card stock for the old vintage appeal.

I have also recieved my first tag from Deb of It's all Good. I love the embossing technique and I would really love to try it. I'll have to look into supplies for it.

Thanks Debra, I love it!!

I will post more as I recieve them and I can't wait. I have been very excited waiting for the mail man every day.

I am right now busy cleaning and I am also trying to get my studio ready for the party.

The party is a great reason for me to get busy sorting this mess up. I only had this studio for about 3 months now but boy!! Sure didnt take long to make the mess. If you have a space where you craft and you would like to share, make sure you click the image to get the details of the party.

Well, I better get busy...

Hugs To All