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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yet more treasures!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Finally we had sunshine with us and right in time. I had a wonderful creative weekend. But before I go on, I have to show you the shelves that I hung in my studio. Three little shelves right above my vanity where I can hang or display pretty and inspiring stuff, made by me or possibly by you. I had a Marie Antionette picture hung there but she was relocated to another spot in my studio

The shelf is a perfect size for my altered book. And Its right beside me so I can admire at as I sit right here and blog. Hopefully, it'll get me off the chair and to work =)

I love the little knobs hanger thingys that I decoupaged with Rachel Ashwell fabric. I thought they added just the right touch of pink. Not taking away attention off whats on the shelf.

And now on to Friday, ah yes... the church jumble sale (thats what they are called in Malta, where I grew up) There was a jumble sale in the neighborhood for a local church.... Oh the stuff they had, and that I could have carried. And I spent not more then $5 on what you are going to see....

My favorite find was of course the silver musical jewelry box... I love love love it.... The detail and the lion feet.... There is some engraving on the lid 'Laurie, with Love'... barely noticeable. It looked all dirty and scruffy but geezzz!! A little silver polish and it looks like new!! And still plays the pretty music...

I also found a couple of the ornate italian frames, one still has the picture in it, the other is just the frame. I also got a couple of drape fabric... I thought its perfect for my Altered Book, since I want fabric on it too. I especially like the gold and black damask one.

My Jewelry box now holds the loot of old jewelry that I have for crafting...

What I dont have pictured yet!!!... is a set of pillow cases and a piece of textile with needle work. Well, I came home and I was inspired... I wanted the make an apron... a vintage inspired apron... using the pillow cases and the needle work piece. So I set ou to Tea Dye the pillow cases to match but the tea dye turned into a nasty tea stain.... Yeah, blotches an all... but then, well, used aprons stain anyway... I got really nostalgic this weekend. While working on the apron, it reminded me of my nanna, both nannas actually always wore aprons around the house... and aprons looked worn. One of them she even wore a full apron held by safety pins sometimes.

I thought to myself, I want to create something beautiful out of imperfection. I wanted a collage or artsy apron where I do not have to make everything by the book, just pretty!! Well, here it is....

The pictures of me wearing it are taken in the mirror so you have the mirror affect, Doiley on the right side is a pocket.

It has venice lace, eyelet, crochet trims and pretty tiny roses ruffles.

I love... what do you think???

Hugs To All


debi @ life in my studio said...

I LOVE your shelves...those little knobs are just sooooo pretty!! Every time I see pics of your studio, I want to redo mine. I think I'm going to be doing that this week.
And your apron is gorgeous! I love all the lovely details you've added to it. Beautiful!!

Allidink said...

How beautiful everything is so pretty! I love that apron :)

All the best,

Floss said...

I think that your apron may actually be my favourite of all the things I've ever seen you make! I really appreciate the idea of making something with imperfection, and the way you've combinded the fabrics is wonderful. Lovely - I'm so glad you carried on even when things seemed to hav gone wrong.

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh your book turned out sooooo beautiful and I adore it on the shelf. I've got lots of little shelves I've picked up at yard sales waiting to be painted. Now that I'm feeling better perhaps I can get them done. You've given me an idea of how to use them in my own office/studio. Now all I have to do is learn to hang a shelf.

Oh gosh, your aprons are exquisite. I just bought a sewing machine and hope to learn to make aprons, or something. The photography bug has bitten me right now, learning to sew may have to be my winter it's-too-cold-to-go-outside project.

Sandra said...

What a beautiful display of romance! I love it all! I could sit there and be inspired by it all.

Sares said...

What a bargain you got with all those treasures! I love the music box. The apron is absolutely beautiful, all the layers and textures, you accomplished something very special there. The new shelves look great too. Every time I see your office, I drool!

Gema Sierra said...

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Mi english is horrible.

Besos from Spain

Elyse said...

oh sonia, you have such an eye for beauty and detail. i am swooning over your shelves, your studio and your apron.

i love the little nana stories. i called my mother's mother nana, too. she was more of the let's go out to eat kind of nana than the apron wearing kind. :)


Elyse said...


the painted knobs are beautiful. so is the framed (fabric?) that hangs from one. your studio should be in a magazine!!!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I adore that apron!!!! The dresser is still making me swoon ~ and what a perfect place for your laptop!

Angelic Accents

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Sonia... I love your shelves you hung! they are perfect for all of your treasures. that apron is gorgeous!

xo Heather

Jodie LeJeune said...

ooooh...I love!!!! The apron is gorgeous girl!!! What am I saying...EVERYTHING is gorgeous! Coming here is always FULL of sweet eye candy. You are SO creative!
everything vintage

PeregrineBlue said...

A unique, OOAK, gorgeous creation. I love your work.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That apron is just so pretty!

LillySue said...

What a wonderful post...full of beauty and inspiration!!