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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Rosalie!!

I just want to show off the new pillow I finished today and its posted on etsy. I have been having a hard time to sit and sew pillows and such when all I wanted to do is pull out my glue gun and all my pretty papers and fabrics and knick knacks and go for it. But it doesnt take me long to get into it. As soon as I get started then I am ok. Its a pillow made out of Rachel Ashwell fabrics and eyelet trims. The third of its kind. Of course the others are long gone.

Lighting isn't very good on the pictures cos of the dull weather. It has been raining for A WEEK!!! Goodness, will it lighten up?? I love rain in the summers but not continuos like this. =(
Well after I got done with my pillow, I decided to work on tags. Tags have been printed for a while and I was embellishing them right before packing items. So I figured I finish some, that way they look pretty on my desk... LOL Thats what its all about right??

And here is my little assisitant. He is a busy bee I tell ya!! As soon as I put him down from his highchair after b'fast he goes straight to the drawer and gets to work...

Yes, hes my own exclusive kitchen reorganizer, decorator...
He opens the drawer and dumps everything out. Then he goes to the soda and juice filled bottles usually standing in a row by the kitchen door and rolls them all over the house. The kitchen is his playground. The rest of the cabinet doors have hair bands on the knobs to keep him from going there too.
So, yeah, he works while I work.
Now you know why, if you ever wondered, how slow I am to get things done...

Hugs To All


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sonia, your pillow is just adorable, as is your precious little helper. Nothing like having a special drawer to pull everything out of!!

:) Becky

Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning Sonia!!!
Looks like you've been a busy little bee. The fabrics you chose for your pillow are beautiful...and those tags~they are so romantic!!!
Your little helper is a cutie and a keeper...he is for hire???
everything vintage

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

LOL!! Sure Jodie, he'll do anything for Goldfish crackers... =)

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, your pillow is so gorgeous. Love it.

Floss said...

Very pretty! Our elder son was the same in the kitchen! He once managed to burst a can of coke over the carpet...

LillySue said...

Hi Sonia~ Your assistant is adorable! I have a little assistant at my side right now wanting me to put a disposable diaper on her dolly for the 4th time in 5 minutes, heehe!
Thank you for posting my giveaway in your sidebar. I am tallying everything up right now. Good luck!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Sonia; How sweet is your little helper, just adorable. And the pillow you made is just beautiful, love all the colors.


Elyse said...

aw, i remember that little toddler phase. adorable!!!

the pillow is beautiful. i was looking at your etsy site (again!) - everything is so pretty. will you have buttons again? the ones pictured on the side are so pretty.