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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yet more treasures!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Finally we had sunshine with us and right in time. I had a wonderful creative weekend. But before I go on, I have to show you the shelves that I hung in my studio. Three little shelves right above my vanity where I can hang or display pretty and inspiring stuff, made by me or possibly by you. I had a Marie Antionette picture hung there but she was relocated to another spot in my studio

The shelf is a perfect size for my altered book. And Its right beside me so I can admire at as I sit right here and blog. Hopefully, it'll get me off the chair and to work =)

I love the little knobs hanger thingys that I decoupaged with Rachel Ashwell fabric. I thought they added just the right touch of pink. Not taking away attention off whats on the shelf.

And now on to Friday, ah yes... the church jumble sale (thats what they are called in Malta, where I grew up) There was a jumble sale in the neighborhood for a local church.... Oh the stuff they had, and that I could have carried. And I spent not more then $5 on what you are going to see....

My favorite find was of course the silver musical jewelry box... I love love love it.... The detail and the lion feet.... There is some engraving on the lid 'Laurie, with Love'... barely noticeable. It looked all dirty and scruffy but geezzz!! A little silver polish and it looks like new!! And still plays the pretty music...

I also found a couple of the ornate italian frames, one still has the picture in it, the other is just the frame. I also got a couple of drape fabric... I thought its perfect for my Altered Book, since I want fabric on it too. I especially like the gold and black damask one.

My Jewelry box now holds the loot of old jewelry that I have for crafting...

What I dont have pictured yet!!!... is a set of pillow cases and a piece of textile with needle work. Well, I came home and I was inspired... I wanted the make an apron... a vintage inspired apron... using the pillow cases and the needle work piece. So I set ou to Tea Dye the pillow cases to match but the tea dye turned into a nasty tea stain.... Yeah, blotches an all... but then, well, used aprons stain anyway... I got really nostalgic this weekend. While working on the apron, it reminded me of my nanna, both nannas actually always wore aprons around the house... and aprons looked worn. One of them she even wore a full apron held by safety pins sometimes.

I thought to myself, I want to create something beautiful out of imperfection. I wanted a collage or artsy apron where I do not have to make everything by the book, just pretty!! Well, here it is....

The pictures of me wearing it are taken in the mirror so you have the mirror affect, Doiley on the right side is a pocket.

It has venice lace, eyelet, crochet trims and pretty tiny roses ruffles.

I love... what do you think???

Hugs To All

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Pink Saturday Celebration and a winner!!!

Meanwhile on primetime TV news".....The 24-year-old prince -- famed for his youthful, at times embarrassing, escapades -- is on his first official trip to the United States to celebrate the one year Birthday of the most popular Pink Saturday!!!!!

Quick....somebody better go tell Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.... There he goes ... I hope she'll be prepared because she got company coming to knock on her door... He even brought the cake and oh!! what a charming prince!! he even brought her roses...sighhh

Thank you Beverly for organising this special event. Make sure to visit her blog at How Sweet The Sound for a list of all other Pink Saturday participants....

Happy One Year Pink Saturday Birthday to you!!
Update: The winner for my Cottage Charm Giveaway, the Marie Antoinette Sachet is Isabelle from Suzy's Vintage Attic. Congratulations grrrl, enjoy!!!

Hugs To All

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Rosalie!!

I just want to show off the new pillow I finished today and its posted on etsy. I have been having a hard time to sit and sew pillows and such when all I wanted to do is pull out my glue gun and all my pretty papers and fabrics and knick knacks and go for it. But it doesnt take me long to get into it. As soon as I get started then I am ok. Its a pillow made out of Rachel Ashwell fabrics and eyelet trims. The third of its kind. Of course the others are long gone.

Lighting isn't very good on the pictures cos of the dull weather. It has been raining for A WEEK!!! Goodness, will it lighten up?? I love rain in the summers but not continuos like this. =(
Well after I got done with my pillow, I decided to work on tags. Tags have been printed for a while and I was embellishing them right before packing items. So I figured I finish some, that way they look pretty on my desk... LOL Thats what its all about right??

And here is my little assisitant. He is a busy bee I tell ya!! As soon as I put him down from his highchair after b'fast he goes straight to the drawer and gets to work...

Yes, hes my own exclusive kitchen reorganizer, decorator...
He opens the drawer and dumps everything out. Then he goes to the soda and juice filled bottles usually standing in a row by the kitchen door and rolls them all over the house. The kitchen is his playground. The rest of the cabinet doors have hair bands on the knobs to keep him from going there too.
So, yeah, he works while I work.
Now you know why, if you ever wondered, how slow I am to get things done...

Hugs To All

Monday, May 25, 2009

Altered Book, continued...

Hello everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend (here in US). It has been a wonderful weekend for us here so far except for the rain on our cookout. Didn't stop us though.
It was nice and sunny on Saturday morning, in time for some Yard Sailing...lol!! Oh, I had some fun and found some good goodies too!! Lookie here... a pretty curtain panel with what looks like french village life prints on it. The lady who was selling them was very sad to part with it. But I assured her that this is going to make gorgeous pillows. She felt somewhat better. Oh, what about the prints, a painting by Boucher of Madame Bergeret!! Its my favorite. And another of Marquesa de Pontejos by Goya and family portrait by Drouais. All from the rococo era. I found a nice rosey tin and a few jewelry pieces for crafting. All for $7!!!(including a brand new car for my big boy who tagged along)


Saturday night, hubby settled to do school work and I of course, settled in my studio. I decided to work on my first page on my altered book.
Now, I do not know where this venture is taking me, but where ever that is, it is FUN!!! Oh, fabrics, papers, glues and all kinds of pretty stuff. I love doing it. I don't know much about altered books, this would be my first, WHEN I complete it. I had worked on another book but never got any further then cover and first page. I ran out of ideas with that one for the time being. I'm sure I'll pick it up again.One problem I had with the first book was that the book itself was small and pages where so old, they fell apart. So When I was out hunting for this book, I did make sure it is bigger and pages were in great condition to take on all the glue and stuff. So youre ready??


1st Page

1st Page 1

Creating the pockets in the page is an idea I got from my Altered art books. I have a couple of books about Altered Books, one is 'Altered Book Collage' by Barbara Mathiessen and the other is 'Altered Art for the first time' by Madeline Arendt. They are both good books with great ideas and lots of inspirational images and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in picking up this kind of hobby.
The pockets will be great to store tags and pretty cutouts and such.

1st Page 3

I used golden threads to sew the lace to the pages. I love the detail. What do you think?

1st Page 4

I am painting some shelves to hang in my studio and that is where I will be displaying my book, opened on the shelf.

I hope you enjoyed visiting me today. Thank you for coming by. Make sure to leave me your comment so I can come visit and also, make sure to sign up for my giveaway. (button on the sidebar) Drawing day is getting close, Good Luck!!

Hugs To All

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!!

It is Pink Saturday again ya'll. Thank you so much for coming by. This week I wanted to pay it forward. There has been so many sweet bloggers offering beautiful artwork and images for our use, so this week I am going to offer a couple of pinkish vintage cards for you to print or use. These are a couple of cards from of a box of vintage cards I bought a while back (around easter time) from WV. Anyway, I hope you like them. You may use them for printing or digital collages. Click on images to enlarge.

Greeting Card 6

Greeting Card 5

Greeting Card 3

Greeting Card 2

No obligations, though I wouldn't mind if you feel like sharing your creations from them...

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!!

Hugs To All

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smell the lavender!!

Well hello everyone!!

This past week has been one where I was so busy doing something or other all the time but I do not know why I feel like I got nothing done. Crazy thought...especially since this particular post has been started a few days ago and projects are stacking on it...

You might have noticed by now, I been playing with my blog background and topper AGAINNNN!! Well, I love doing the graphics and the way I see it, change makes it interesting and refreshing. It took me a while to figure out the background. I have seen all these cool bacgrounds in blogland, they are all pretty but I wanted my own with my pictures or scrapbook materials or fabrics, lace etc...

There was another background I came up with before this one but I decided not to use it, I wanted a more fancy background I guess.
This one I used Rachel ashwell fabric, mon ami and pink and faded white polka dots with some eyelet trim.

I could hand it out to anyone who would like to use it but I cannot paste code here without making my whole page going all funky so if you do want to try it just leave a comment here with your email saying you want to try it and I email you a notepad file with the code.

I also finished this frilly Marie Antionette Lavender Scented Sachet. Love the frills and the scalloped stitching on it. Yes, I love using the scalloped stitch on my sewing machine. It makes a real pretty detail. It is now up for sale in my Etsy store.

This weekend I worked on creating a purse. I drew the pattern myself then came up with the rest as I went along... and

Its small, its light, easy and holds anything I need... Plus, I love the print.
I think I did good!!!
Then yesterday, I went hunting at the thrift store. I didn't find much ecxept for a 8x10 gold ornated frame for a buck, a hard cover book and this dress!!!!
No, I'm not getting married again, and I'm not going to be the geeky bridesmaid eighter.... =)
I bought it cos I loved the fabric... I really did... I saw this dress last week and it was with the wedding dresses and I thought I did not want to spend money on a dress I didn't know what to do with. Yesterday I found out it was $5 so I decided, I had to take it with me since it intrigued me so much.

I immedietly washed it and put it apart...
Then after soaking in tea...
Then some more soaking in coffee...
And here is the material...
I covered the book in the fabric. Its the start of my new discovered hobby, so much fun Altered book. I especially like to work with fabrics for texture. I wanted the scrungy, tattered, look to it with ripped fabric instead of cutting. Only used sheers when I couldnt rip. I also got this gallon bag of lace from a church sale on saturday for a buck. Lace looked old and some where held together with rubber band that was so old that it fell apart.
So now I'm having fun ruffling all the lace for this craze of french rococo style creations.

Thats as far as I can show for now since really, there is nothing more to show. I want to work on this book and my idea is to create a coffee table book of my favorite rococo, 18th century paintings. So there you have it. You saw the start. I'll show the progress as I go along.
Well dear friends, that is all for today. I try and not wait so long to post again. This post broke the record of time it took me to post...lol Geez!!!

Hugs To All