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Monday, April 27, 2009

Fit for a Queen!!

I have taken to doing this every Sunday I guess. I sit down after house is settled, boys are in bed, hubby gone for the week for work and I go to my craft/dining room and go to town. Yesterday I did the project that I have been inspired or wanting to do for a while... decorate shoes, create a shoe or pair maybe, of shoes that can make any french court "Mademoiselle" jealous. I tell you where my inspiration came from. If you own Marie Antoinette's DVD, there is a pair of scrumptious shoes right on the DVD.
Well, here is my recreation with a few changes of course.

Thrift store was selling all shoes for 99c. Great price if I want to cut them and redecorate them. I was going to finish the pair but ran out of pink ribbon. I just might try to decorate the other shoe slightly different and sell it.

Notice the Royal Crown stamp??

It can hold a scented sachet or soap or lace or fabric or anything you fancy in it. Mine is in the living room right now. I want to admire it everytime I pass by it.

The urn is a thrift find for $4. It had a ginormous christmas arrangement in it that I threw away. (Not my style) and I repainted the urn.

Here are my boys in the beginning of last week enjoying spring which has finally sprung around here.

By Wednesday my Prince lost his front bottom teeth and yayyyy!! Finally he got a visit from the tooth fairy. Though he only gave her one since we think he ate his other tooth and he didn't even know it!! The following morning he was so excited to find 2 quarters and red pixie dust in his bedroom. I told him, the tooth fairy is a messy fairy, she left lots of pixie dust. And my son also concluded she must be a red fairy since dust was red.

He's growing so fast..., sniff, sniff!!

My little prince is also growing up fast. He turns one tomorrow. My word, time flies!! He looks so chubby and big already.

We celebrated his Birthday a little early. On Saturday we had a cookout, birthday party. How do you like that cakey face??

Yeah!! he went from his Chair straight to the tub for a bath!! Then Sunday he was up enjoying his new gifts!!!

What a charmer!! I love my boys!!

I thank you for taking time to come by and visit. Please leave a comment so I can come visit you too.

Big Hugs!!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love finding thrift store treasures. My daughter and I have been on treasure hunts for the last couple of weeks. We have had a lot of fun. Your shoe is tops!


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sonia, So nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.

Your boys are just cute as can be. Love the tooth fairy story and your one year old with the cakey face. Too adorable.

I love the shoe you designed. Just gorgeous. I have been wanting to paint some and need to go thrifty for a few pairs.
Enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hope to see you again.
Have a great week.
Celestina Marie

Sares said...

Talk about some cute boys! Congrats on the big Prince and the little Prince reaching their big milestones. That was a clever idea about the pixie dust too. You also have to love those first birthday cake face photos. My nephew has one very similar from a year ago, he also went straight to the tub!

Your shoe if beautiful, I would place it where I could admire it every time I walked past it too.

Have a good night!

kana said...

The shoe is LOVELY!! The boys are too cute and the cake face is wonderful!!

Sandra said...

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog:)
What a great idea on the shoes.
Just wanted to tell you that Hobby Lobby is much bigger than Michael's. At least in this area they are. Hopefully you can go sometime. I love it!

Floss said...

Your children are so cute! It really takes me back - mine are 10 and 11 now. We're in the throes of rugby, homework, fishing, pre-teen tantrums etc! Whatever happened to my little boys? They're still wonderful, though.

Your shoes idea is also fantastic. It's made me think back to my lovely, delicate silk wedding shoes, which got stained on the big day from damp grass, but I've still kept them, of course. Perhaps I could do something special to them to bring them back to life!

Betty Jo said...

What an amazing transformation of the shoe!

Your boys are both just little dolls. Love the cake on the face!

I'm down in my back today, too much lifting yesterday. At least I can sit here a little and blog hop. All isn't lost! ♥

LillySue said...

Yes, you have two sweet little Princes! Two serious milestones in one post....The "Lost first teeth" photo and the "First birthday cake face" photo. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!! So is Aidan walking??
P.S. The shoe is stunning!!

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh my, I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog... what eye candy!!! I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness...that shoe is the most fabuloso thing I've ever seen! Wonderful, fresh idea! Soooooo incredibly sweet and I love the transformation!

I'm gonna have to spend some time here look around...so much to see! Love it!!!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Sonia, what a terrific shoe you have designed!! I love it. The pic of it & MA & the urn is just so magazine-worthy!!

Happy bday to your precious little boy!! Such cute kids you have!!

Angelic Accents

dragonflydreamer said...

Hi Sonia, it's so nice to meet you and visit your beautiful blog. You are so amazingly creative and talented and I LOVE your shoe. Your blog has been a lovely visual inspiration with sweet eye candy and your adorable little boys. Mine are now adults and I miss them running around playing, laughing, squealing and even the occasional bursts of temper that came to be hilarious family stories shared again and again with inside jokes. I will be adding you to my list of "must visit" and returning as often as possible. My upcoming surgery on Monday will give me the opportunity to come back and spend time diving in like a favorite book. Have a great weekend and keep designing your gorgeous shoes. Please stop by and visit me on my new dragonflydreamer blog as I'd love some feedback on my attempts to create some pretty treasures for my home, friends and to share on etsy.

Annette said...

I love the photos! What program did you use for them? Enjoyed visiting-thank you!

SherrysRoseCottage said...

Hi Sonia...I love your M.A. shoe! Your little prince is so adorable with all that cake on his face & your older prince with his teeth missing!!lol I love your blog!