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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I love Blogging!! & Pink Saturday

Blogging is like posting an article in my own magazine. Though I'm not very good with words, I try and make it up with pictures.
I also love blogging because its truly inspiring. For one, I cannot wait to share what treasures I found or created with all my friends in blog world... Second, I just love visiting everyone to see what they are up to. Its amazing the creations and art I have seen. It makes me want to get busy and make our life beautiful too. Not that its not, but it can always get better right?? Most of all, my friends. Friends who are creative in their own ways. I love you all. I thank you for taking time to visit me every time and your comments mean the world to me.

I read somewhere on a blog (sorry can't remember where), the author said, wouldn't it be nice if all of us friends on blog lived in this one neighbourhood. And what a beautiful neighborhood that will be too. We'll even turn the Country Club into the Crafting Club... he he!!

What inspires me??
Music inspires me, people and their lives, history or events, movies are inspirational too. I grew up in Europe and was surrounded with beautiful architecture and I love art from any eras you can imagine, Victorian, Rococo, Baroque... I had to have my version of Pinky and the Blue boy in my house. My mom does, and so does my grandma...

Pink always marries with Blue

My affection right now is on shoes...

Rococo Era

You know these!!!

Or Prima Donna's shoes on the Phantom of the Opera?

I'm in love..... with my shoes!!!

I did get the pair of shoes finished ( Blogged about the one shoe previously) ... I couldn't take my eyes off of them... And another pair is in the works right now, hint hint...this pair in robin's egg blue. I am just having soooo much fun working on them. My husband is going to get a heart attack when he sees this pair in our living room. I cannot wait to have my studio ready. Then I can splurge in whatever I want...

I am joining two parties here. I hope I pulled it off. One is Beautiful Blogging hosted by the most talented Joy Jones from Cupid Charms. Please visit her blog for a list of all participants and visit other beautiful blogs.

The other is the most popular Pink Saturday Hosted by Beverly from How Sweet the Sound. Visit her blog for a list of Pink "Eye Candy" Blogs.

Thank you for coming by to visit...

Hugs to all

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Aidan!!

Aidan is 1 year old today
Mummy, Daddy and Big Brother love you very much xxx

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fit for a Queen!!

I have taken to doing this every Sunday I guess. I sit down after house is settled, boys are in bed, hubby gone for the week for work and I go to my craft/dining room and go to town. Yesterday I did the project that I have been inspired or wanting to do for a while... decorate shoes, create a shoe or pair maybe, of shoes that can make any french court "Mademoiselle" jealous. I tell you where my inspiration came from. If you own Marie Antoinette's DVD, there is a pair of scrumptious shoes right on the DVD.
Well, here is my recreation with a few changes of course.

Thrift store was selling all shoes for 99c. Great price if I want to cut them and redecorate them. I was going to finish the pair but ran out of pink ribbon. I just might try to decorate the other shoe slightly different and sell it.

Notice the Royal Crown stamp??

It can hold a scented sachet or soap or lace or fabric or anything you fancy in it. Mine is in the living room right now. I want to admire it everytime I pass by it.

The urn is a thrift find for $4. It had a ginormous christmas arrangement in it that I threw away. (Not my style) and I repainted the urn.

Here are my boys in the beginning of last week enjoying spring which has finally sprung around here.

By Wednesday my Prince lost his front bottom teeth and yayyyy!! Finally he got a visit from the tooth fairy. Though he only gave her one since we think he ate his other tooth and he didn't even know it!! The following morning he was so excited to find 2 quarters and red pixie dust in his bedroom. I told him, the tooth fairy is a messy fairy, she left lots of pixie dust. And my son also concluded she must be a red fairy since dust was red.

He's growing so fast..., sniff, sniff!!

My little prince is also growing up fast. He turns one tomorrow. My word, time flies!! He looks so chubby and big already.

We celebrated his Birthday a little early. On Saturday we had a cookout, birthday party. How do you like that cakey face??

Yeah!! he went from his Chair straight to the tub for a bath!! Then Sunday he was up enjoying his new gifts!!!

What a charmer!! I love my boys!!

I thank you for taking time to come by and visit. Please leave a comment so I can come visit you too.

Big Hugs!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Want Candy!!!

My Sunday Project

While Listening to I Want Candy =)
Collage on Canvas, Marie Antoinette 'En Chemise', controversial portrait was viewed by her critics to be improper for a queen.
And thinking about the Eye Candy in Marie Antoinette

Digitally Altered Version

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pink Pillows Galore!!!

My first Pink Saturday I showed off my fabric stash, I guess today I should show JUST a few, of what I did with it too. Most of what you are about to see, I no longer have, they have been sold or giveaway.

New Union Jack Pillow, now in my Etsy

Union Jack Pillow was an Easter Giveaway

Still available in my Etsy

Make sure to visit other Pink Saturday blogs. You will find a list of them at our fabulous host's blog, Beverly at How sweet the sound

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello everyone!! As usual, I am always busy puttering with something. I also have to confess with you, I am some how addicted to The Phantom Of The Opera music lately... What can I say?? I love it... I put on the movie... don't even have to look at it, but just listen to it while doing other stuff. But tell me, who can resist Emmy Rossum's voice and Gerard Butler??

Hmmm, I guess its his scottish accent, but I'm a fan....Raoul is good looking too =). I love the romantic tragedy story of it and the music, I had known since Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it I guess. My brother also love The phantom of the opera and at that time he had a cassette that I listened to all the time. The movie just gave it more life, and that big crystal chandellier in the theater...wow!!! I wasn't listening to it when I started this post, but here I go again.... =)

The Masquerade, one of my favorite scenes and song.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it and you love musicals, I say this is a must see...

So, I have been working on my website for the last two days, got a lot done and its out there. Make sure to visit my retail store C. Crafts & Collectibles. Here are just a few of the items available

Oh, I did some sewing too. I finished another purse, this time with Pink Ava Roses and lined with white on pink polka dots. I love this fabric. I could keep on making stuff with it, but I won't bore you =)I am even trying to make my own labels as you will see. What do you think? Theyre simple but just the way I like it.

It is now in my Etsy store.

I don't write everyday but when I do, I just go on.

Sigh... I am still listening to the music, and I shall leave you now to float and twirl around the room.... :D

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back...

Yes, we are back from West Virginia. We have been since Saturday evening. On Thursday we went to Charles Town. I tried to get to Harper's Ferry but wasn't very prepared and didn't know how to get there. I do remember going there 2 years ago in the summer and it was a pretty place. On Friday we took a drive to Boyertown, PA to visit family. It was a fun drive. I love the north east country side and farm houses. The whole drive up I just enjoyed the sight. And the small historic towns, they just take you back years and years. I love looking the old buildings and architecture. On Saturday we were planing to visiting DC but bleh... it was raining and we got discouraged so we decided to head back to North Carolina to spend Easter with family on Sunday. We are planing on another trip to W. VA again soon. We stay at the in laws cabin up there in Gerardstown so that makes it convenient. Here are the boys on Sunday morning after they got their Easter baskets. I have to tell you, it is SSOOO hard to get a picture especially of my little one, when he is so squirmy, he won't stand still long enough. Every picture I take, it comes out funny.

And Oh!! I did get some antique hunting done in Gerardstown. The only antique store in town (it is a very small town) is closing by the end of may. Oh she had lots of goodies, I would have bought her whole linen and china selection if I could. Lots of stuff... Next trip up there I hope its right before she closes shop maybe I can catch some sales. BUT, I did buy a few things... (OF course...=)
Here is a Vintage White Apron trimmed with Lace, (I love this), A doily with crocheted pink edge and... ohh so cute and so glad to have found this box of vintage greeting cards.. They are precious. The box is in the back with the red rose on it. There is about 11 cards in this box. I paid $8 for all of this... But wait, there is more.... and look what I found...

A Vanity
Just picture it painted in White and little distressed especially around the swirly detailed woodwork. Oh, I thought, I'd wait till I am done painting it, to show before and after pictures, but I simply couldn't resist showing it off.
Yepp, got if for $25 and hubby (mmwwuuaahh) hauled it all the way down to NC for me in his truck. Now I am very happy to own such a feminine piece of furniture at last. I already am looking around the house for pretty stuff to go on it, got the list right in my head... =) Then, I'll look for a stool that I can dress up with a frilly cushion of faded pink roses ...
Its good to be back, I missed my sewing machine... hehe
Well, ladies, it is past midnight...and I need some sleep. Son starts school again tommorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter...
*Hugs to All*