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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday's Projects

Well, who would have thought, we start the week with snow and end it with 80 F weather. It has been a gorgeous weekend. Love it, nice warm breeze, open the windows, welcome spring air in and hear the birds chirp. Ahhh, wonderful!!!

I tried to take it easy, of course had to find something to do. I couldn't help it but I had to make some more faux cupcakes since the previous batches I made went to the theatre, so being in time for Easter I whipped up some Easter Faux Cupcakes. I had found the cupcake stand for $3 at a goodwill store in nasty green paint so I of course sprayed it white. Its a sweet sight. My hubby kept pretending he was going to dip his finger in my bowl of batter... =)

And this tray? you ask!!... Lets just say, Dr Pepper is not my problem anymore. The shabby chic organized redoers did him in. ;)

Ya, ok, its me... We moved into the house and found this tray, a vintage Dr Pepper tray with a Lion drinking Dr Pepper, not sure why I never got rid of it... maybe I thought I can sell it on ebay for a fortune... ya, right!!! Never got around to that, so the tray just sat in my sunroom, a sore sight, until yesterday, I figured if this tray is going to stick around then might as well make it worth having... So, sorry Dr Pepper!!!

Its not a sore spot in my sunroom anymore!!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Your cupcakes had me fooled, they look real!

LillySue said...

How do you make the cupcakes?? I need some that I know I won't eat! They look so Yummy!!
Blessings- LillySue

Tiffany @ allthatblooms.net said...

I love your sunroom! I hope that someday I can talk my husband into letting me decorate a favorite room (other than the kitchen, which is already pretty pink) in a shabby-chic theme. It's all so pretty and comforting!

And your cupcakes? They look good enough to eat! Those are one of the most realistic faux cupcakes I've seen :) Love your pretty re-painted tray too :)

Stephenie said...

Just love your cupcakes.. I also love your sunroom.

lakebrat said...

Hi Sonia, you have me soooo in the mood for spring now....as well as wanting a cupcake! All that your sunroom needs now are two people sitting on that nice wicker bench drinking lemonade or tea and enjoying the day together. Bet that you made your pillows as well for you bench huh?
Your good!

*Noelle* said...

very cute cupcakes; you did a great job! also love your wicker furniture!! i have always wanted a sunroom with that furniture in it:)

noelle ♥

Lori said...

Sonai, Those are teh best cupcakes! Love the sitting area!! Wish I had an enclosed porch!!! Ours is open and after the theft last fall of my Halloween i so worried about decorating it this summer. Lori