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Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Apron

I finished the apron this evening. It would have been done earlier if I wasn't missing some supplies. With the excuse of the supplies, I ended up strolling downtown at the fabric shops and antique stores. I didn't make that much damage to my pocket... the fabric stores are very limited in fabrics, that I really like anyway. Theyre good for last minute, "I need this or that..."

Anyway, back to the apron. Its a half apron with the same fabrics I used for the crafting apron. I love the way it goes on like an A line skirt and ties in the front. I hardly use apron but something like this would change my mind. Well, this one is going to Etsy but its certainly something I would be doing again.

I'm so tickled with the idea I got of using a crochethed doily for a pocket. I sewed it on using white ricrac to support it better.

Jeeez!! It got cold again but still sunny so at least keeps the bright cheery mood up. Weather really does effect my mood lately. I catch myself dragging on rainy days.

Well, TGIF and kids are asleep so I'm off to take a nice warm bubbly bath... Later Gals


Lori said...

Adorable!!!! Lori

So Shabby Pink said...

Oh, my! So pretty! I love the doily pocket. You do a really great job.


Betty Jo said...

OMGosh! I love the apron and especially the doily pocket. What a clever and creative idea!!

Guess what? I just bought it too! ♥

Betty Jo said...


Forgot to answer you question about antique shopping in Boone. When we got there yesterday we found our favorite antique mall had closed. :( But, some of the vendors moved into two other antique malls we had never been to. One is awesome and the other is just so, so and we'll probably only visit the first one when we go back again. Can't remember the name of the best one, but it is on the main drag (King St). There is also a thrift store, The Ram's Head, or some such name and I found some incredible buys in there of Bavarian china. I'll post my bargains on my blog as soon as possible. My friend says I can go into any antique store and come out with unbelievable buys, things she walks right by. LOL

Stephenie said...

I just love your apron. That little pocket is so cute. I also love the fabric, what fun bright colors..

Julia said...

Sew pretty! Very romantic looking and the colors are just great! Great half apron.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Oh my gosh... this is SO cute!! I love it

Betty Jo said...

Sonia my apron arrived today! I love, love, love it and will have it on my blog very soon, maybe for Pink Saturday. Thank you Dear One!! ♥