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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessing instead of sheep..."

...and I fall asleep counting my blessings.

I know its not Christmas anymore, but we watch this movie so much during Christmas that the whole family can recite it. Talking bout White Christmas of course. But lately, that verse from that song has been really stuck in my head. So.... times have been hard, financial problems but theyre passing. We are still struggling but we try to stay strong and yes, I sang that verse to myself many a times. I learned a lot too. I learned to make use of what I got and enjoy it too. I was very glad to have as much craft supplies AND especially fabric to keep me busy. My husband had been strugling to find a secure job for the last 16 months, it affected him so and he went trough a lot emotionally, and so did we. Of course the economy has been a big part in that. And living in a small town with nothing much around is another.

But here is a blessing...

... Thank you God!! My hubby is an ex military, well, he is still military at heart, Semper Fi. He has just found a job working at a Coast Guard Call Center as a Bi-Lingual Specialist. And yes, he is very happy there and doing well, feels right at home with other military folks =).

I consider us as being very lucky at times like these.

So, the big store has Valentine's merchandise on sale and there has been this bear that as soon as I set my eyes on I had to have but couldn't see me spending what I have on it. Well, it being on 75% off, today when I saw it... I said, thats it, one of you is comming home with me today...

Theres Fifi, I kinda added a little personal touch with that patch and few buttons and she fit right in. She is sporting my Tiara and looks very content sitting on a table by the couch. She might let me dress her up some more sometime. Guess I better start buying her some honey to bribe her =)

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