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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Very Excited, My First Altered Art Journal!!!

OK, I have had all these pretty papers and collection of few vintage photos and images. I done collages posted in my other blog C. Crafts & Collectibles. Well, here is the start of my first Altered Art/Collage Journal. I was very excited doing this project and I had fun with the little that I have done so far. Most of all I am very satisfied with it. I LOVE ITTT!!!

The family in photo on the cover, is my great Grandparents and my grandma is the girl sitting down. She is the only grandparent of mine still with us and she is now in her late eightees. Her sister just passed away about two months ago and that was really hard on her. My grandpa passed away in the early 90's. Love you nanna!!

This picture is on the back of the cover and those are my other set of grandparents along with my dad standing in the back. Looking at this photo I realise how much they look like the typical mediterranean family. For those who doesn't know, I am Maltese now living in the US. My family, all of it, still lives in Malta (an island south of Sicily) It was a colony of Britain till the late 40's. Hence the Victorian style in the other photo.

That girl is me when I was twelve and it was the very first passport size picture I ever took to apply for a passport to travel to Italy. It was the first time I traveled. And yes, tech in Malta was always a little behind back then and my photo is in black and white =)

The first few pages turned into pockets. So tickled by it :)

I look forward to work on my book again. Hope to show you more soon. If I do not post again till then,

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of Love...



MamaWess of Inspiration Flirtaton said...

I am wanting to start an altered art journal myself! Do you have any sites that you have been using for help on getting started? Did you make that valentine on the top of the page?

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How pretty! And pockets are smart to haven in one. I need to add some to mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

catieann said...

oh this is so beautiful sonia wht a wonderful job with all the pretty papers and the embellishments....very inspirational!

Loretta said...

What a beautiful art journal. I just love it! I found your blog from another's blog; the person who bought the un-scented pillow in your Etsy shop. Your blog is soooo pretty; I'm going to bookmark it so I'll be back!