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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Collage!! ~Glamour~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost Here....

...Is my niece. We thought my future sister in law was going to pop on Monday. But poor thing went to the hospital only to be sent back home after a few hours. Shes pregnant for her first time, not knowing what to expect and she's also having a girl. The first baby girl for her generation, and the one before that even, in hubby's side of family. So we long await her arrival... the princess is going to be spoiled. I decided to make some collages for her bedroom. Preggy momma doesn't know, I haven't given them to her yet, but I really needed an excuse to play with pink. (yeah!! like I really need an excuse right??!!) I had a picture in my mind and these aren't exactly it but these are going to do now anyway. I'll show them to SIL and see if she likes them. If not, no heart feelings....

Well, at this point, in the theatre is when it gets crazy. I went in today, met with Cari and together we are making plans of what we need to do, sketches, painting and props. And its a lot and open night is 3 weeks away. So from tomorrow we will be going in pretty much everyday, anytime we can to paint and get ready. I am hoping to show you some before, during and after pictures of the set. It is by no means, Broadway. It is a small set and the whole production is all done voluntarily by all of us, adults and young people too. It is a lot of fun (...and work... but lots of fun) I especially enjoy seeing all the young girls and boys involved being excited about something like this, and knowing they are doing something good and safe. For those who are reading my blog for the first time, I am talking about a set we are designing for Beauty and the Beast musical, in our downtown theatre, "Andy Griffith Playhouse"

Anyway, enough about that, I did manage to make this heart for Betty Jo from Digi Scribbles, to go with the pillow she bought from my Etsy store. Thanks Betty Jo. Enjoy!!

Well, its getting late and I need my beauty sleep =). I'm lacking it lately and its already 10.40pm. Be back soon...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

I'm Back!! Paper Mache Projects

Yes, monday morning, rested, easy b'fast now waiting on tea kettle to boil for my cuppa tea. Another thing I should have added with my honest things about myself list last night is that I am in desperate need for some room in my house. In other words, I would LOVEEE to have a studio. I have a big hutch down in the basement, I never wanted to give it away, I always thought that with some paint and a little TLC it would be a wonderful piece to stack my pretty fabrics and all other supplies on it. Well, I just hope it doesnt get destroyed in the musty basement before I ever get to use it.

So I said yesterday, I have been busy yeah!! I have done very little sewing this weekend. I did sew this heart sachet friday, Its now in my etsy store.

Then I worked on cheese wheels out of paper mache. Me and Cari got together to finish up some dishes on friday. Some I had already worked on like the cakes and cupcakes. I had shown them in a previous post. This is Cari posing with her plate of tortellini.

We are here working on props for the scene when belle has her first dinner with the beast. Anyway, I have something else I been working on though as if this wasn't enough =)

Oh, yes, I had most fun doing this one. I haven't dome paper mache since I was a kid when I did a scene for the nativity statues to go in. So after I did the cheese I figured, theres got to be something more fun to make with paper mache. And here is what I came up with.

Well, I was working on it under the impression that when I finish it, if it comes out good then I can sell it on etsy. What I didn't know was that now it looks too good for me to part with it. Maybe I can, not sure though. I will be working on other ones though, thats for sure. What do you think?

Well, thank you for coming by my blog today and look around. Please keep coming back and leave a note and say hello so that I can come by and visit you too.

Have a great week

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!!

Well, it has been a very busy weekend, I am so tired... I worked on a lot of projects and finished a lot of work. But it doesnt end here. This week I will be painting the stage set in the theatre in downtown Mayberry, getting ready for our next presentation, Beauty and the Beast. The work is done between me and my dear friend Cari. We have been slowly working on props for a month now. We finished this weekend, so now we move on to the stage. I love doing this because of course, it keeps creativity flowing... though we always stress out making sure everything is done by opening night. I hope to take my camera with me while we are working so I can show you. Anyway, I have been busy, now I am tired so tonight I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I do have a lot of pictures I need to post one thing in particular that I am very excited about. But I am going to wait till tommorrow.
I do have an announcement to make.

I have been awarded the honest scrap award from Hana at Sew Inspiring. Thank you Hana!

Now I'm supposed to tag 7 other creative blogs as well.

Honest Scrap Award

The rules for this award:
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.7

Blogs I LOVE (in random order)

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10 Honest Things About Myself

~I am Maltese and lived most of my life in Malta.

~When I was a kid we used to have sheep and goats living on our roof.

~I say no cranberry sauce on the turkey and no pinepple on the ham. If its sweet then it should be a dessert.

~At school when I was a kid I was known as Sleeping Beauty then as I got older I was known by my friends that my parents found me near a UFO's wreckage...

~I started driving at 19 in Malta. After 6 years I moved to the US. To this day I still sometimes go to the passenger's side and wonder where my steering wheel went or drive on the other side of the road and wonder why I have a car comming dead ahead towards me.

~Ever since I graduated high school I have been a nanny, bartender, waitress, machine operator in several factories, purchasing officer (stocking any prescription drugs) for goverment mental patient's hospital, selling prescription drugs and medicine TO the government for a private company, proffesional photographer

~I'm obsessed about how my hands smell. I wash them constantly. As soon as the smell of the soap wears out, I go wash them again.

~I get startled way too easy.

~I am a Chocoholic

~I love a beautiful house in a magazine. I try to keep up house but its almost impossible. Yeah, I blame it on my kids and hubby too =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now Open: Vintage Rose Designs is now on Etsy YAYYY!!!

Well, Yayyy, I finally got my etsy shop started, I been working on having enough items to list and theyre not all listed yet. I finished a few more items in the last few days. I love the Sweet Sue bolster pillow I finished today. And now these items are on etsy or going to be real soon. I finished another patchwork sachet and a cute cupcake tote. Its getting kinda late and been working my tail off all day. Chasing a little guy and sewing at the same time is tricky. But I love him to death anyway. I hope you come by and check out my store. Here is a preview. Enjoy =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessing instead of sheep..."

...and I fall asleep counting my blessings.

I know its not Christmas anymore, but we watch this movie so much during Christmas that the whole family can recite it. Talking bout White Christmas of course. But lately, that verse from that song has been really stuck in my head. So.... times have been hard, financial problems but theyre passing. We are still struggling but we try to stay strong and yes, I sang that verse to myself many a times. I learned a lot too. I learned to make use of what I got and enjoy it too. I was very glad to have as much craft supplies AND especially fabric to keep me busy. My husband had been strugling to find a secure job for the last 16 months, it affected him so and he went trough a lot emotionally, and so did we. Of course the economy has been a big part in that. And living in a small town with nothing much around is another.

But here is a blessing...

... Thank you God!! My hubby is an ex military, well, he is still military at heart, Semper Fi. He has just found a job working at a Coast Guard Call Center as a Bi-Lingual Specialist. And yes, he is very happy there and doing well, feels right at home with other military folks =).

I consider us as being very lucky at times like these.

So, the big store has Valentine's merchandise on sale and there has been this bear that as soon as I set my eyes on I had to have but couldn't see me spending what I have on it. Well, it being on 75% off, today when I saw it... I said, thats it, one of you is comming home with me today...

Theres Fifi, I kinda added a little personal touch with that patch and few buttons and she fit right in. She is sporting my Tiara and looks very content sitting on a table by the couch. She might let me dress her up some more sometime. Guess I better start buying her some honey to bribe her =)

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Scented Sachet Giveaway!!!

I would like to announce my first Giveaway from my new blog, which is this one of course.

I am giving away a Scented Sachet, made by me in patchwork of various prints, some Rachel Ashwell ones too. It is a french grown lavender scented sachet.

Anyone can participate. All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, including your email.
I would appreciate if you help spread the word by posting the top button onto your blog, if you have one.
My 9 month old assistant would draw the name of the winner on March 6th. Please make sure you leave an email with your comment where I can contact you in case you win.
Thank you and Good Luck!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Very Excited, My First Altered Art Journal!!!

OK, I have had all these pretty papers and collection of few vintage photos and images. I done collages posted in my other blog C. Crafts & Collectibles. Well, here is the start of my first Altered Art/Collage Journal. I was very excited doing this project and I had fun with the little that I have done so far. Most of all I am very satisfied with it. I LOVE ITTT!!!

The family in photo on the cover, is my great Grandparents and my grandma is the girl sitting down. She is the only grandparent of mine still with us and she is now in her late eightees. Her sister just passed away about two months ago and that was really hard on her. My grandpa passed away in the early 90's. Love you nanna!!

This picture is on the back of the cover and those are my other set of grandparents along with my dad standing in the back. Looking at this photo I realise how much they look like the typical mediterranean family. For those who doesn't know, I am Maltese now living in the US. My family, all of it, still lives in Malta (an island south of Sicily) It was a colony of Britain till the late 40's. Hence the Victorian style in the other photo.

That girl is me when I was twelve and it was the very first passport size picture I ever took to apply for a passport to travel to Italy. It was the first time I traveled. And yes, tech in Malta was always a little behind back then and my photo is in black and white =)

The first few pages turned into pockets. So tickled by it :)

I look forward to work on my book again. Hope to show you more soon. If I do not post again till then,

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of Love...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recovered boxes, a baby girl shower and my little boy!!

On Friday I finally got to do what I should have done a while back. Recovering shoe boxes. I store and sort my craft supplies in them and they work out great for me. Well, I have done a few before but I gathered a couple more. I do not scrapbook but I still buy pretty paper for project like these. Take a look!!

Here is a stack of 'em

I love this one

But this one is my favorite. LOOVVEEEE the Paris Chic Chairs!!!

And the Bow and Button with Rhinestones on the side gave it the perfect touch, The cherry on the cake... =)

I also Love this one. It was a gift hamper box with chocolates for Christmas and it was of course, berry red. Here it is now.

Yesterday I went to my future sister in law's baby shower. She is having a baby girl and that made it fun to shop for considering I have only boys and I'm all about pink and pretty girly stuff.

Well, I made this card for her, SIL loved it. What I was drooling for was the gorgeous cake she had. Oh it was so cute with the flowers and a little white leather baby slippers. Just ADORABLE!!!

When I sit to do something, I need eyes on the back of my head. My 9 month old boy is now crawling and OHHH! Hes all over the place. I got gates but need more.

I cannot believe how fast he is growing. He started pulling himself up to stand and get toys from toy box. He can even stand up with the coffee table.

Got to go and relax now. Boys are both asleep and this is my time. Its going to be a busy week.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another finished pillow.

I have finished another pillow, its now available on Auction in my ebay store. Its a rectangular throw pillow, made in Rachel Ashwell Pathwork Prints. I love eyelet trim and I use it a lot. I think it coordinates with shabby chic very well as much as cluny lace do too, also a favorite. I need to go, I'm on a roll and need to get working on something new.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Pink, Pink, Pink, My favorite sewing books.

I loooooove pink, and this coming from a women in a household of majority male. I cannot apply as much pink especially when my hubby is so worried about his male macho image... (giggle...) So I go white and off white or aqua. Hubby and the boys are ok with that. Well now hmmm, I still try and sneak in pink here and there, especially when I love pink roses. Anyway...

I wanted to share two of my favorite sewing books and a magazine I bought today. For all those who like to sew, I love these books because not only they are filled with fun projects, lots of pretty in PINK pictures to inspire, they make me want to pull out my stash of pretty pink and rosy fabric and go to town. They also provide great illustrated guides and patterns in most cases.

The first book is Sew Pretty Homestyle,
Over 35 irresistible projects to fall in love with by Tilda

The Hobby Room ( I want one....!!!)

The Living Room

Second book is Romantic Home Sewing,
Cottage-Style Projects to Stitch for the Home by Christina Strutt (check Cabbages and Roses site on right colomn, Fun Shops to Visit)

This is a bunny I made inspired from this book. Its 14".

The Magazine I bought today is Sew Beautiful. I am dissapointed to have no use for the pretty dresses in this magazine but I bought it because of the Pillows and Shabby Chic Bag.

I also want to add that I have started a new list of sites on right hand colomn, Crafts and Gifts, How to. They are sites that in my crafting career, they eighter were very helpful to me and/or some other projects that I would love to try. I hope they are useful to anyone visiting this blog too.